February 6, 2015

High Five on Friday: 2.6.15

Hi – Oh!

It’s Friday and for some reason I can’t be more excited! I think with all of the highs and low this past week I’m just ready to push the reset button.

Here are my Five!


On Sunday we received nine inches of snow here in Central Iowa which has made parking and driving a complete mess. On Monday I wore a super cute sweater dress with black leggings and dress boots to work only to have to push a woman’s BMW out of a snow filled spot that evening. I was blocked in so there was no choice. If you don’t drive and SUV you really should have a shovel and some kitty litter in your car for these situations.



The gym has been my savior this week. I told myself I was going to go every day I was in the office during the week so this was a busy one! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today! I have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone by taking fitness classes at the University Gym. Wednesday I took Cardio Scuplt which always leaves me feeling a good burn the next day and yesterday I tried Yo-Pi; a mix between yoga and Pilates. I’ve done a little Pilates in my other classes but never yoga. I’ve always been skeptical of the yoga mat toting women that swear by this exercise but after taking the class I am SOLD. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done physically. It was so relaxing but at the same time challenging. I’ve decided that the Thursday class is going into my weekly workout routine. It’s just what I need at the end of the work week!

BTW- Don’t you just love my LuLaRoe leggings and Thirty-One bag?!? Prints people! Prints!



Last weekend I painted the basement walls! YIKES! I’m thankful to G for helping with the priming portion. It’s a pain to have to paint each line but you almost have to due to all the little crevasses.


Here is the wall once I painted it the Corn-Maze Yellow we picked out. I’m torn. I like it and I don’t. I think right now it looks super washed out but I know that once the white trim goes up and the brown wood floors are installed that it will pull the room together. We didn’t want to go dark since it’s a basement. I am happy that the gross tile is gone though. In the photo above you will see one tile wall not painted. We decided that we wanted to leave an accent wall. So for all of you Brick Tile lovers, no worried, we didn’t cover all of it!




On Monday night I hosted a Jamberry Wrap Online Party. It was fun and I learned so much about their product from Becky. I had never thought about it but I really like the wraps because they don’t have the awful chemicals like regular nail polish.


And yes, they last! It’s been a week and a day since I did this quick tutorial and my nail wrap has not chipped or lifted! With the massive painting we did this weekend and all my gym time I am so surprised that they are still going strong! Check out how to apply Jamberry Nail Wraps here in this Post.


Today I am adding a protein shake into my post-workout routine. I’ve read a lot about the benefits and can’t wait to try it out! I also wanted to purchase some on the go spark so I’m trying the pomegranate flavor for the first time. I will let you know what I think!


Have a Fab Weekend!


  1. I really like the yellowish color on the walls. What a job with all the priming! I can't wait to see how it all comes together! And, of course, I'm happy your Jams have held up to all you've been doing!!

  2. I love the yellow! But then again, I love bright colors.

    And I do not miss snow. Not at all.


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