August 13, 2015

What Have I Been Up to this Summer?


Watched the Women’s US National Team dominate the 2015 FIFA Cup. It was amazing, I only wish I could’ve been there in person.


Baled Hay… 3 cuttings


I did this crazy thing called Crossfit for 2 months but had to stop due to my hectic summer schedule


I met Gov. Chris Christy during his speech on Education at Iowa State. Whether you like him or not it was pretty cool! I also got quoted in the Des Moines Register on what I thought of his education plan.


I participated in my first Color run! I would call this a success!


We had our junior trip this year to Chicago! We visited Northwestern University, DePaul, and The University of Chicago.


We also saw an official MLS Game! My first so I was STOKED!


Went to the Iowa Speed Way to watch a NASCAR Race.


Celebrated 5 years of marriage to this silly man. August 7, 2010

August 11, 2015

Fashion and Thirty


I’m going to pretend for a moment that it hasn’t been 3 months since my last post.

::: Moment:::


In 2 months I will be turning THIRTY… As I’ve talked to various people some of us struggle with the idea of 30 and some just don’t give a flying fart, “It’s just a number”. This gal happens to not be a fan of hitting this milestone. When you think of it, 30 years old now is like the new 20 when people are living to 105 years of age. This is what I tell myself.

I no longer struggle with 30 being a goal to hit like I’m checking off a to do list. Who the heck said you HAVE to be married, with children, with a home you own, in the job of your life by this age? I think society sucks and that this is really NOT a social norm any longer.

A quote I have just grown to love is, “Do not compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 30”.


Moving on.

The biggest thing I do struggle with in turning 30 is fashion. I know, how vein of me. What can I wear and what can I no longer get away with? In all honesty, I still get told I look like a college student (maybe a graduate student) but I still struggle between wanting to be youthful and being taken seriously in my career.

I had seen so many other bloggers rocking their Chucks and thought to myself, “Am I too old”? I wore these back in high school, are they really appropriate for someone my age? Then I saw more and more “older” people  wearing them. Mommies out running errands & cool dad’s in the museums with their kids rocking good ol’ Chuck-a-roo-nies.

I couldn’t help myself! On July 4th weekend I took the plunge to purchase a pair of Classic White Slip on Chucks and I have never looked back. I did receive a weird glance from the hubby the first time I wore them but nothing more and nothing less. I try not to take too many styling tips from my Carhart totting, boot wearing, manly man. Side note: He really is the cutest though. Who wouldn’t love a country boy?

With this said, I want to give a tip to all my fellow turning thirty companions. “Life is too short to worry about what others think, however, not everything at Forever 21 is forever.”

Keep it Classy!


Top: Lularoe Irma

Shoes: Converse All Stars Classic Slip Ons 




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