February 11, 2015

February Fabletics


Are you on the Fabletics band wagon yet? I am!

In November I became a subscriber after going through all of my workout gear and realizing that all of it is from college. I realized that all of the waist bands in my shorts are dry rotted, not to mention the fabric is see through since they are so old and worn. I am a bit nostalgic so it’s hard for me to part ways with things that bring me such great memories. However, it was time PAST time to invest in new fitness apparel that fit my not so 20 year old body anymore and made me feel good again while working out.

When I heard of Fabletics I wasn’t sure about fit and quality but the first outfit was only $25.99 and included a sports bra, top, and bottom. It was worth it. You take an assessment to see which outfits fit best with your workout routines. Are you more into Yoga or do you prefer to run? Do you like shorts or do you prefer fitness leggings?

Once you sign up to become a VIP each month 5 outfits are selected for your fitness style. From there you can either purchase an outfit or within 5 days choose to skip the month. If you forget then they automatically charge you a credit towards the next month. That’s the only bummer.

Last month I decided to pass, I wasn’t feeling too particular about any of the apparel and the ones I did like were already sold out. This month I received a “sneak peak” and knew right away I wanted to order before my sizes ran out.

So here is my February Fabletics outfit:


Cute right! My favorite part of Fabletics are the sports bras. They all come with padding, adjustable straps, along with bra hooks. Super comfortable!


These are the first pair of shorts I have purchased. Up until now I’ve gotten leggings which I’ve loved. The shorts are great and I was happy to see that they came lined.


The tank top is thin and has a mesh lower back which is fantastic during my work outs.


Can’t wait to show you my next outfit!


*This post is not sponsored.

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  1. I have considered this (I assume that it'll help me want to work out...) but the fine print makes me nervous about cancelling. I just don't see myself needing a $50 workout outfit every month, I assume 1 or 2 would do me just fine....but the fact that you have to call to cancel makes me feel like it would be hard to do. Do you know anything about actually cancelling instead of just skipping?

  2. So, I recently went back to read their policy here. http://www.fabletics.com/help You do not have to become a member to buy their clothing. If you become a member that is where during the 1-5th of every month you look at the clothes and see if you would like to purchase an item. If you want to skip and do so buy the 6th of the month to are not charge anything. If however, you forget then a charge will be placed as credit on your account. So technically, you can join, have all the discounts, and just be aware to skip every month you don't want to make a purchase, or just purchase and not get discounts but not hassle. For me, the outfits didn't help me want to work out. I started in November with Fabletics and maybe wore that outift a few times prior to January when I decided I was unhappy with my body, unhappy with my life, and this was the one thing I could control doing in my life right now. The outfits are just a bonus to making me feel good during my 3-4 trips to the gym a week. I also love buying fitness apparel at TJ MAXX, they have great discounts on clothing and you have the added benefit of trying the clothing on before buying. Hope this helps Mis!

  3. I think if they offered more than clothes more people would join. I can see getting a new outfit every four to six months but monthly and even quarterly might be too much. They should offer healthy food items. #wowlinkup

  4. Those colors are great. I had considered this but haven't made the jump yet #wowlinkup

  5. They held up really well. I've only worn this outfit a few times but the others prior that I've bought are great quality! Thanks for hopping by!

  6. That is such a great idea! I've seen a monthly fitness box they is quarterly with foods and such but I'm so picky that I can't make the plunge to try it. Thanks for hopping by!

  7. You can always just buy a piece without having to join as a VIP. Thanks for hopping in!


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