February 23, 2015

My First Ipsy: February 2015

Goodness, let me tell you Cold and Flu season is NO joke! Last Sunday G and I had to fore go church due to a sore throat that I came down with. I know that seems silly to skip church over, I wasn’t dying but I wasn’t sure what I was coming down with and when 90% of the church are elders I would really not wish to be responsible for an epidemic to break out across the community!

::: Cue the overly dramatic music now :::

Monday came and I had zero energy with an even worse wore throat so I called out sick. Then on Tuesday I had a school visit & Wednesday a huge event that I was leading at the Iowa Capitol Building. By Thursday, I made myself go to a school visit and by then I was full on head cold. My poor middle school students had to endure my sniffles and blowing nose all day. Friday was even worse but I kept plugging and made it to the office only to leave by noon. From 2pm Friday through late Saturday night my face was swollen, I went through 3 tissue boxes, and I went to bed at 7pm every night. Just awful I tell you.

I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. Thank goodness G was gone on a work trip all week until Sunday evening because it gave me time to rest and then disinfect EVERYTHING Sunday.

Moving on.

A few years ago I subscribed to a monthly subscription of Birch Box. I loved it at first but then after 6 months I realized I never used anything that was sent in the box. It was ALWAYS nail polish I hated, sample perfumes, and weird lotions. I’ve seen many people rave over Ipsy and even my co-worker had nothing but good things to say so I’m giving it a try.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little annoyed by the sign up process. They immediately put you on the waiting list, HOWEVER, you can hop off of it by sharing and inviting Facebook friends. Lame. Although a great way to market their products I found it very annoying. I ended up trying to wait it out a full month and no change so I went through the process to skip the wait and was immediately placed on the active list. This makes me think there really is no wait list… hmmmm.


Here is what’s in my bag this month:

Cargo mini lip gloss, Full retail value $16.00 .08oz shade Anguilla

The color is a bit too light for my skin tone but the gloss is not sticky and doesn’t have a weird taste or smell. I will probably use it to layer over another color.

Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504, $6.40

Hello… any makeup brush is a keeper in this ladies hand! I’m too cheap to buy a full set and I don’t have an angle brush yet so I was ecstatic about this brush! It’s cute and works great too!

Up All Night Volumizing Spray, 80oz $24.00 (mini bottle $10.00)

I’m sad to say that this morning I used what was left in this mini bottle. It smells amazing and I do think it adds a little volume when blow drying. I do wish it gave MORE volume then what I’ve been working with but it’s still a great product to try.

Blush Cheek Powder:  $22.00

The color I received was Peach and let me tell you, it goes on strong! The product is definitely better then what I have been using. A little dab will do or else you will put on way too much!

Amethyst Eye Pencil: $6.99

This is the only product I haven’t used yet. I’m usually a neutral gal for the most part with makeup however I will say I’m glad they sent it, I’ve heard that Amethyst is great for hazel eyes. I will use this for sure on a date night or for a bigger night out on the town.


So was it worth my $10.00?

I’m going to say YES for February!

I’m estimating that the products are worth around $54.00! I halved the gloss since it’s a .04oz sample and I’m not sure if my blush is a sample size or if it’s the $22.00 product from the site.

I was given products that I will actually use and was relieved not to find yet another sample perfume.

Can’t wait for next month!

And before I head out I had to say I’m so in love with my husband! He bought me roses on Valentines’ Day with an adorable card that made me tear up. Ladies, have faith in your man… he too will surprise you at times when in doubt.



  1. Glad you're feeling better! I'm posting my ipsy bay tomorrow. I'm jealous of that brush. I've gotten two eye shadow brushes from ipsy, but no bigger brushes yet. I feel like the blush is full-size. I got the pinker one, and it goes on strong, too!

  2. They are just trying to butter me up with a fabulous first bag! My co-worker who subscribes didn't get the brush either so I think I was just lucky.


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