January 23, 2015

High Five on Friday 1.23.15

Today I thought I would post some of my “Spring” wish list items with you all! When I was at the mall on MLK day I couldn’t believe that all of the stores have already started transitioning to their Spring lines. I mean, that’s okay if you live in a region where spring actually starts in Late Feb/March but here I Iowa us poor folks have to wait until sometimes May for a chance to wear these items. I suppose that’s why I will continue to invest in leggings!

  1. &  5. I am obsessed with these two skirts from a company called Lularoe. I hadn’t really heard of them until I started following Becky over at BYBMG. Number one is called the Cassie skirt and Number five is the Madison. I can not wait to get my hands on these! And I’m a bit obsessed with black and white right now…
  2. In the fall I purchased some super chic light tan booties that I wear quite often. I would really like a pair of black ones, they are on my list!
  3. I am in desperate need of updating my hair color. It’s been… 6 months. Literally I have three shades going on. My root color/natural hair, a section that is about 2 inches that is a warmer blonde, and then the ends of my hair are a light blonde. I’m a HOT mess. Usually when I ask for color they pair my with a “warm tone” blonde but I really want to try a “cooler” blonde. Nothing too light though.
  4. My poor coffee tumbler was left back in Delaware during our visit at Christmas. I seriously feel as if I’ve lost a piece of myself. It’s silly really, I got the tumbler for free at a College fair 4 years ago and it had the Community College Logo on it from some school in Wyoming but it became apart of my every day life. It was plastic so I could heat it up if need be. Well, I told my mom not to mail it because it would be silly when it was free to begin with. I am in the hunt for another cheapo coffee tumbler that I can throw in the microwave if need be. This one shown is Starbucks and was $19.95…. pssshh.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead! I’ll be in my basement getting some painting done! Want to see what the hubs and I are working on? Visit this link.

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  1. We need to get you into one of those skirt! My consultant does online Facebook parties!

  2. Yes if it's Lucero I'm in her online event for today at 2pm!


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