March 5, 2014

What's in My Purse

I am always curious to see what other people carry in their purses since I feel like most days I carry my life on my shoulder...literally. So here is a chance for you to see all the crap I haul around.

Let's start with my purse. I am a girl that likes nice things, I work very hard for what I have and pay for these things myself. I do not have children yet which leaves me the added income to spruge. With that said... I also am someone that is practical. My coach purse below was bought at a Consignment store in Ames, IA for $80! No tears, no marks, and the store owner said it was a friend of hers that likes the finer things in life and changes her purses each season. This purse was a great find and I love it so don't even try to Purse Shame Me. :)

So what the heck is in it?

Lets start with my note books. I carry an address book with me EVERYWHERE. In the book I also have a book of stamps. I love sending post cards, event cards, and packages to family and friends back east and I HATE storing that stuff in my phone. I'm pretty old school this way and am stuck in my ways of writing down addresses by hand. The book underneath is a blank notebook that I bought 2 weeks ago for writing blog post ideas in. I always have ideas and then forget when I go to write so this has been helpful. I also use it to doodle in. 

Address Book: $6.99 (In the card section of Walmart)
Chevron Note Book: $2.99 (In the notebook section near school supplies)

My Wallet and Skinny minnie wallet. My wallet is a zip around that holds everything, I love it. Nothing falls out and it's got lots of pockets inside to organize. The minnie is to carry around at work. It has my office keys, University Card/ID, and a few bucks cash all for on the go. It beats carrying my purse to meetings acrouss campus and everything for work is separated from personal items. 

Kate Spade Wallet (lightly used): Ebay Buy $25.00 
Coach skinny minnie: $36.00 (Bought by my husband in 2006 for my 21st b-day) 

Starting from top to bottom...

John Frieda Frizz-Ease hair taming cream. 
My friends and I started using this during junior year in high school and I've used it every since. For some reason, especially during the winter, my hair has extra EXTRA static. I condition, I use leave in conditioner and still Static. If I wear a jacket with a certain fabric it becomes static-y. I ALWAYS have this with me. Just a small dab, rub hands together, and apply. 

Gum: I don't care what kind, actually I try a different kind everytime. Right now its this RPM stuff. Its okay. 

Kleenex: It's winter, I work with teens, you always need tissues within grabbing distance. 

Wetnaps: For those messy lunches or dinners out

Tiny Lint roller: I can't even get out the door with out my little furry friend jumping up on my black slacks to say goodbye. A lint roller is a nessecity!

Comb: Were girls, no explaination there! 

Last but not least is what I keep in the hidden purse pocket:

Versace Bright Crystal perfume: Ugh... my favorite of all time! 6 years ago my grandmother gave me a gift certificate to Macy's to by "big girl perfume" so I went and sniffed them all. This was my fav by far. Its light and young. This past time around I was in sephora and came across the perfume in a smaller travel size tube. It has a roller ball... kind of like how some lip glosses are. You can just roll the scent on your wrist and on the side of your knecks and your good to go. 

Almay Concealer & Dream Matte Powder: I usually only use these on long days when I'm out and REALLY need a touch up. 

Advil: For emergencys

Scope to go toothbrushes: You never know when you need a fresh cleaning

Hair Spray: Also for emergencies! I rarely use it. 

So that's what's in my purse right now. Sometimes the items change out during the seasons. 

What's in your purse?!? Link up below to share in the March Post a Day Challenge!


  1. Oh man I should totally carry a lint roller in my bag! not sure why that never made it to my purse!!

  2. First of all, I love that purse! Second, I need to get that frizz ease stuff! My hair is SO static-y!

  3. Oh wow, you're one of those people who carry everything! Lol. Good call on the frizz ease, I should carry that too!


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