March 4, 2014

A Photo of the Town I Live In

Welcome to Ogden, Iowa. 

Home to a population of 2,000, where there is a corner grocery store, one restaraunt/bar that we all love to eat at, and a everyone knows everyone... besides us because we live 15 minutes outside of town.

Fact: This is the smallest town I have ever lived in. 
Fact: It is a pretty cute town and the people that I have met are super nice. 
Fact: They need to open an ice cream section to their only coffee house. Casey's soft serve isn't doing it for me. 

I have to be honest here, my husband and I work in Ames 30 miles East, which is where most of our connections are. I'd love to get more involved in the community and plan to set some goals that can help me. 

My favorite place in Ogden, Iowa lies 6 miles North of town. It's a little state park called Don Williams and I adore it. When we moved here one of the selling points to us moving to the Boonies (Kind of funny since we live just 15 minutes west of "Boone" Iowa) was that just 5 miles east of the house was this park. {G} and I love to Kayak and seeing a park within close driving distance to goon outings was a huge benefit. Not only do we love the No Wake lake we also love it's little "beach" area for those hot summer days when we need a little dip to cool off. The park also has a few trails that if you walk/run them end to end you will get a nice 2 miler through the woods surrounding the lake. This past Fall I took it further and started running through the camp ground they have and got up to 4 miles. No one bothers you, it's away from all the noise that our days surround us with, and the roads and trails are maintained beautifully. I even take Winston on adventure walks and at the end let him venture into the water for a cool down. 

It is by far my favorite part of Ogden, Iowa. 

What is your favorite part of the town you live in? 

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