March 6, 2014

Something I Miss...

I have spent awhile trying to figure out what it is I miss...

I could easily rattle off a list of food places from back east, but that's not interesting enough.
I could say family and friends becuase I miss them every day but I don't want to focus on that.
Maybe I could talk about warm weather but we ALL miss that right now.

Something I have spoken to before here at Simply Adapting is missing "Familiarness". When we live in the same areas our entire childhood we don't think about it. Then you move away and have to re-learn everything. Nothing is familiar. The short cuts through town you have to figure out. The places to eat, which schools are rivals, the names of roads are unknown. I love going back to Delaware and driving around because every building, shopping center, neighborhood, road, park, etc gives me a flash of a memory that is familiar to me. 

In the past 4 years buidlings have come down and roads have been re-directed but I can at least say, "Oh what happened to the Steak n Ale?" "How the hell do you get to the mall now?" It gives a sense of being connected to my surroundings. 

We often take this for granted because it's not something that you think about until you move. The longer I live in Iowa the more familiar things get. As I start to try different things and make new memories I begin to feel a sense of belonging. 

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  1. How interesting that we both touched on a feeling that we miss and not something or someone tangible. I agree with what you wrote too, which is pretty much one of the biggest reasons I've never left my home town even after most of my friends did.


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