March 2, 2014

My Wish List

1. Canon Camera - I have always loved taking photos and would someday love a professional-ish one instead of relying on my iPhone all the time.

2. Ford Edge - Actually, any new car with better gas mileage than my Jeep Liberty would be Fantastic. 

3. My Dream Home- A farm house with a wrap around porch... or any porch will do with a few comfy chairs on the front over looking the country. 

4. A P!nk Concert- For one she is amazing & secondly I have liked her since her first album came out with the bright pink hair and sun glasses. If I had to spend money on an entertainer it would be her. Don't pretend you don't have that CD sitting in a drawer somewhere.

5. A trip to Europe. (Who doesn't want to travel abroad?)

6. More time with family & friends - It's a luxury for me to spend time with the ones I love... I always want more time. 

7. A family of my own -  My heart has been extremely heavy the last few months with the thoughts of starting a family. This past weekend I was at Walmart on my own and as I walked past the baby section I had an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Someday it will be my turn, it's just that day is not today.

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  1. We have some similar wishes! I've always wanted a house with a wrap-around porch, they seem so perfect for hanging out on in the evening as the day unwinds. And P!nk, love her and have also been a fan since she first came out. It's funny because I'm not crazy into celebrities, but remember thinking, she's the kind of chick I'd love to be friends with.


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