March 14, 2014

Do you tip well?

If you can afford to go out to eat... then you should be able to afford at least a 15% tip. 
If you cant... Go to a fast food joint where you don't need to tip. 

If you can afford to get your hair did... then you better consider tipping your hair stylist well.
Maybe the next time you go back to her she doesn't do as good of a job because she knows your a cheap ass. 

If you decide to get delivery... remember, you didn't have to get your ass of the couch and drive to get the food... tip the man, he deals with a lot of shit he doesnt have to. 

If you go to Applebee's and get curbside... The server who got placed on that position for the night has to get your food together and package it. They still don't get minimum wage and depend on tips. Give the kid 2 bucks... it wont break you. 

If you buy a drink at the bar you should give at least a dollar for each beer and possibly two for a mixed drink. 

If you have NEVER worked in service sometimes its harder for you to understand that tips are what actually make or break a persons check at the end of the night. I am a good tipper, I usually tip 20%. I think there is a big stigma behind people with education that think...

"If they want to earn more money they should get a better job."

That's not the case for everyone. You don't know their life situations, you don't know if they have never had the opportunity for better, so don't give perceptions of situations you don't know about.

With that said, Service workers... If you are in a bad mood, do your job poorly, and have the outlook that you deserve something you haven't worked for... I probably won't tip you well. I earn my money and I want you to earn yours too. I'm not going to make you work too hard for it because I'm not a complainer but I do like people who are kind, smile, and make sure that I am happy with their service. 

That is all :)

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