February 28, 2014

Preparing for my Blog Challenge

March 1st is only one day away which begins my March Post a Day Challenge!

Why I am doing this challenge:

Over the past two years of blogging I have been on and off (thankfully, everyone needs a break). I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought to myself, "What a challenege that would be!" I always see blog post about preparing post ahead of time to keep a routine going and I've never gotten into that rhythme.


I want to create a habit of making sure to Post. It's been said that every new habit takes at least 21 days for it to stick! So... by the time I get to my topic about {My Five Guilty Pleasures} I should have created my blog post habit. 

Why these topics?

I choose these topics because they are things I want to read from other bloggers! My hope is that you will join along in posting about these topics so that we can all see the different prospectives everyone has to offer. I'm also super nosey so yes, I want to know whats in your purse, what books you are reading, why your relationship works, and so on. 

I also choose some post that make me a little unconfortable... Day: 25 Vlog (video blog)... this makes me nervous. Giveaway... What am I going to find to give away that appeals to the masses. I have no clue but I better figure it out before Day 23. 

I wanted a challenge so I gave myself one. 

My goal with this Blog Hop Challenge:

* We all secretly hope to build our following by participating or hosting a blog hop. However, this is not my main reason behind this. The challenge to become a better Blogger is what I'm looking for. I do want to create rules that force you to "follow" someone just because your participating. You should follow content that speaks to you. People that make you come back for more on a weekly or monthly basis. If I followed EVERY blog I came across I would never get the chance to read through my bog reel and comment to the ones that matter most to me. 

I want you to participate because I want your take on the topics. If you don't care for my style or if we don't have anything in common, please don't add me for the sake of making me feel better. At the end of this challenge if it's just me and 5 others I would call that a success. 

How am I preparing?

I have starting to Post drafts of the topics that are coming easier to me ahead of time and am scheduling them. I'd like to try and stay three days ahead so that if I get too busy I don't have to worry about forgeting or having time to post. 

With that said, If you're ready for a challenge please linkup! If you can participate everyday linkup and post when you can. I can't wait to start reading!


  1. Thanks Raven, I'm looking forward to it! Will you be back to participate in some of the Topics?

  2. Hi, I found your blog from an instagram post and wanted to participate also. Thanks for creating the list, I'm excited to see how this goes.

    1. Hi Desiree! Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited you will be joining on the March Challenge! Don't forget to link up so that others can read your post :)


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