February 19, 2014

Do you speak funny?

I have been so intrigued over the New York Times dialect quiz going around the web! I thought it would be neat to show you how I answered the questions! Then you can compare and make fun in the comments section.

dialect 1dialect 2dialect 3dialect 4

dialect 5dialect 6

dialect 7 dialect 8dialect 9

dialect 10

 dialect 11 dialect 12

dialect 13

dialect 14

dialect 15

dialect 16dialect 17     dialect 18dialect 19dialect 20dialect 21dialect 22dialect 23dialect 24dialect 25dialect map

You can take the girl out of the East Coast… but you can’t take the East Coast out of the Girl :)

Who the heck calls a Large truck a “Lorry”… if you do please comment I would love to know what part of the country that comes from and be friends with you because that it kick ass.

Are you surprised by any of the dialects that I use? Have you taken this quiz? If not try it and report back if it was dead on or not!

Lorry… ha

1 comment:

  1. I want to add to this that the other day my Iowan co-worker laughed when I said, "Tournament". Pronounced: Tour-na-ment
    His pronunciation: Turn-a-ment

    How do you say this word?


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