February 19, 2014

Where I Come From

Today I am linking up with a gal over at From Ashley to Awesome!

Where I Come From

I love coming across post about where you're from and thought it would be fun coming off of my post from yesterday about, "Do You Speak Funny" based on dialect from around the country. 

I come from: The First State - Delaware

The state other than Rhode Island that is so small that when referring to the location you have to Zoom in. 

I come from the state that was also refered to by having the ugliest license plates: Really?

I come from a state that is made up of three... yes three counties! (4th grade Geography ROCKED)

The north county: New Castle looks a lot like this with its historical DuPont properties 

Drive 10 minutes south and you'll hit this: Wilmington, DE population (too many)

Drive another 20 minutes and you will go over the canal from "Upper Yupper" to "Lower Slower" entering Kent County. We refer to New Castle as the traditional Suburbs and the other two counties as the rural part of the state. Yes, RURAL. Agriculture in Delaware is proud and strong. 

No Lie... You can even get your own sticker.

Me volunteering in the FFA Tent at the Delaware State Fair. 

Where I come from: You can hit the State fair then go here all within 30 minutes.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (Ranked top family beach in USA) 

Where I come from the population (1 million) doesn't discount the fact that EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. If you don't know them, it's almost garunteed that you know someone that knows them. 

This is Where I come from:

A family of six who have always supported me and continue to stay close at heart even with all the distance between where I grew up and now live. 


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for linking up with me! I think my husband, daughter and I will be driving through Delaware on our vacation this summer. We are driving up the East Coast from Florida to Maine. Excited to be heading to your side of the country.

    1. Make a day trip to Rehoboth! There tax free outlet malls, a family boardwalk with rides and games, and lots of family restaurants. It won't disappoint you! Wish i still lived in Delaware, I'm I'm Iowa now.


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