February 18, 2014

My Take on Vegas: Round two


Last week I got the chance to go to a work conference in Las Vegas, again. This time the focus was on  helping first generation students understand how to file to Financial Aid. Overall, the sessions were great, nothing felt like it was taking forever, and since I’m a “Woo” I love any time I get to meet new people!


I couldn’t have asked for better weather! High 60’s-70’s the entire time I was there! I went from Freezing to Thawing out!

007  062

The first night we headed all the way down the strip via city bus to the Mandalay Bay for supper at an Irish Pub. The city bus was quite an experience, my co-worker sat next to another Iowa Colleague and lucky me got to sit next to Vegas' BEST. No kidding, the dude smelled of reefer 10 feet away, his eyes were bloodshot, and I’m pretty sure he hadn’t showered yet. Of course he was a talker so I politely gestured the conversation back and forth until the moment he pulled out a little baggie with some hemp and waved it around in the air. No, I am not making this up and yes I was scared for my life.

We aren’t in Kansas Iowa anymore Toto.

After that cray cray-ness we had a lovely dinner and walked back down the strip. The two hour time difference really through me off making me not as hungry as I had thought. I hate wasting food so I took it in a box with some plastic wear but of course the hotels don’t have microwaves. I figured there would be plenty of home-less people to offer the food to and it wasn’t 5 minutes into our walk before I came across a man with a sign written across it, “Hungry, not picky”. There was no jar for money, nothing on the sign asking for money, so I kneeled down by him and offered my Mac n Cheese with chicken. He was very grateful for the food and I was happy not to waste it.

On the walk we hit a few casinos I hadn’t seen last year, my favorite being the Luxor. The photo below is from the lobby looking up. The architecture of this building is quite amazing.



The next night we bused over to the RIO for a fantastic Seafood Buffet!

Round 1


Round 2




Then needed to WALK off everything we ate! By walk I mean… Gamble. Played my $20 on penny slots… Quickly lost my $20 on slots.



Final Day in Vegas, “Happy Valentine’s Day”!


Prior to heading to happy hour after the conference wrapped up I decided to take on the Slot machines again. I found my favorite Gold Fish game and sat down next to an older woman playing. After three hits I was already up a couple bucks! We started chattin and I taught her how to hit the bonuses. Next thing I know 5 minutes in with only $20 I hit a bonus and was at $136.00!

Don’t worry, this girl WALKED AWAY! :)

I still had 40 mins before I was going to meet up so I walked over to Circus Circus and found another machine I like. Played $20.00 and got ahead to $37.00. I decided to play down to $35.00 and walk away with my extra $15.00.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me is RIGHT!


If you ever get the opportunity while in Vegas go to the Coca-Cola store on the strip. Upstairs you can order a sample platter of Cola from around the world.

Caution: Beverly drink from Italy is Nasty-cakes!

This was so much fun though!


Me and my hotdogs… I love them.


On the way back for the night I paid my dollar and got my photo :)


Yes… those are Minions and they are my friends. They were so funny, while we were taking the photo one would say, “Bee-do Bee-do Bee-do” while the other said, “Banana”! Never too old to have fun!

I’d like to say that the trip was everything and more and maybe it would've been until Saturday morning came. I woke up at 4am sick to my stomach. I only had two beers so this was NOT a case of the hangovers. Our flight wasn’t leaving until 12:30 so I had time to try and get it out of my system. Nothing would stay down and so I stopped trying. We barely made it to check in before I ran to the bathroom. The nausea never left and once the plane took off it was only a matter of turbulence before I was in the bathroom, again. Can that count towards the Mile High Club? Thank baby Jesus for a direct flight back to Des Moines! The next two days were rough but it looks like I am out of the woods with it.

My take away from Vegas is this:

I find it very overwhelming, materialistic, but at times fun. On Friday we really got to see all the bells and whistles of the flashy cars driving the strip, short dresses lining up for the clubs, and gentlemen dressed to the T playing at the craps tables. I just don’t get it, everyone looks the same. I don’t have money like that to spend and can’t imagine dropping cash like that on a purse, shoes, or car… all for what? If the day ever comes that I have money like that, I’ll take a beautiful farm in Virginia with a white wrap around porch, rocking chairs, and views of the mountains for miles.

This coming from the girl who was excited over winning $100 bucks.

Are you a fan of Vegas? What do you or don’t you like about it?

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