January 31, 2014

DIY – Hardwood Floors

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been quite some time since G and I completed our master bedroom flooring project… 2 months to be exact. Oops!


G and I decided that it was time for our grungy carpet to go and since we had no plans for Thanks Giving this would be the perfect 4 day weekend to tackle such a project.

We had toyed with the idea of hiring a contractor to do the work since we often find ourselves having mini breakdowns 2 days into large projects but we figure the cost would be out of our range.

We got a steal on the hardwood flooring since Menard’s was having a sale. $2.33 per sq. ft.


To start we needed to clear all of our furniture from the bed room… including that very LARGE king size bed. We set up shop in the dinning room to sleep over the next few nights.

Removing the carpet was the easy part.

Pulling staples from the sub flooring = Pain in the ASS


Next was laying down the under layment which helps to heat and absorb noise when walking on the hardwood.

From there we came up with a P.O.A (Plan Of Action)

Each box of hardwood (we bought 14) came with 4 pieces of wood already made into different lengths. My job was to pick the pieces to hand to G. He would they snap them into place and once he got to the end would saw off the end in which we would start the next row.

We started laying the floor by 11am Thursday morning and by 4pm finished half of the room which is shown below.

Our master is an L shape so to the right of the photo is the additional space where our bed goes.


Friday morning we got up early and started laying the remainder at 8am. We completed the flooring by 1pm and decided to rest up and hold off on the molding around the floor.

On Saturday we decided that we had enough hardwood to finish off the closets. At first we thought we would just carpet them, but that was kind of a half ass idea… might as well do the job right.



On Saturday evening we drove to Menards and picked up the molding to finish the room on Sunday.

2 drill bits and lots and lots of head and back aches later we FINISHED!


Here’s the deal.

We made it to Sunday before we had any melt downs. I tried to prepare my husband ahead of time by telling him that if we decided to tackle a project like this we need to assume it will not go perfect. I think it helped and couldn’t be more proud of him and I.

Every time I walk into the room I can’t help but smile knowing we did it ourselves. It’s the dream retreat I have always wanted.

This spring we are looking to put tiles down in the master bathroom. Another FIRST for us! 

Can’t Wait….

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