February 6, 2014

Winter Blues


It's only February 6th and I am already fed up with Winter {so is Winston}

I know I am preaching to the choir. Preach girl, Preach. 

Iowa has had a fairly brutal winter as far as cold can go. We haven't really accumulated much snow which has deepened the frost line. It's warmer in Alaska then it has been in the Mid-West and from what I have seen it's not going to get much better. 

Every week it seems like we have experienced something  else that has gone wrong because of the winter cold.

First week of January: Pipes froze in our well house = $345.00

Third week of January: Garage Door Fixed = a lot of freak'n money

Forth week of January: Sewage needs pumped = $230.00

Tuesday, February 4th: Tam-a-hawk stone punctures my right rear wheel. Have to buy a new tire.

I am going to Las Vegas next week for a conference and CAN NOT WAIT for the 70 degree weather they are calling for. 

I also can't wait because....

My Best Friend is visiting this weekend! YAY!!! 

Much needed girl time after a rough start to a new year.

Until next time!

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