April 16, 2013

Stenciling Rugs 101




Is anyone on Joss & Main? I oogle over their stuff daily on their app with out ever purchasing a darn thing because the prices usually scare me away.

I have been really into the rugs that I have seen but can not talk myself into spending $100-$500 on an area rug.

This girl still has her school loans to pay off so there is no way I could pay for that.

Although I can’t afford any of it, I can window shop and get some ideas with in my budget.

Once I get ideas I either “Google” or look on pinterest to see if there are any DIY post.

So that’s exactly what I did, I did some pinterest searching and came across some awesome post about stenciling rugs, walls, furniture, etc.

From there I found a site that sells stencils. I was shocked by the cost of the stencil but it’s something I can reuse

for other projects and I made sure to take time in deciding on the one I wanted.

Home Page


moroccan stencil

After I ordered my stencil I needed to purchase a reasonable indoor/outdoor rug,

one that if I messed up I wouldn’t curse myself out. I ended up finding a 6 x 8 rug at the Home Depot for only $19.89!

They come in Tan or Black.


{ Foss Ribbed Taupe 6 ft. x 8 ft. Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug }


Here is my Taupe rug laid out in my barn ready to stencil! Really not bad looking for $19.89




Lay stencil in a corner to start, match up all edges so that the stencil will continue in a downward line.

Make sure to lay cardboard or plastic at edges so that your floor doesn’t get stenciled as well. 


For anyone who is looking to spray paint in the future you MUST invest in a $3.00 spray handle.

Your fingers will thank you in the long run! I’ve used this for many of projects! Also found at any hardware store.


First stencil completed!



Once you completely cover your stencil pick it up and carefully move it to align with the paint left on the rug. I went in the downward pattern.


I bet you see my ROOKIE mistake at the top right of the first stencil… classic over spray that settled.

In the future I would make sure to place covered on all edges to keep from the over spray. Good thing I don’t care

since this is an outdoor rug.


Once you complete the row move to the top and start again.

WARNING” As the spray paint started to collect on the stencil it got hard to move due to access paint dipping off the stencil.

Half way through I needed to stop, rinse off the stencil, let dry then continue.

You can see the paint drip on my cardboard… it was a MESS!


Even with the over spray in some areas I think it turned out great for a 6 x 8’ rug that only cost a total of $60.00 total

Again. The stencil will be used multiple times so really the cost initially spent will earn interest over time.

{ I already plan to make another rug for my mud room with the same stencil }


Final product!

We just bought stained concrete paint for the neglected back patio. Can’t wait to see the Rug and the freshly painted patio together!

If only it would STOP raining! I’m also working to find… possibly make… some new cushions as well for our wicker furniture.



  1. That's such a cool rug! I never even though that spray paint could do such pretty things. Definitely want to try this!

  2. Love the rug!! What type of paint did you use?


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