April 1, 2013

DIY Headboard

We still don’t have an awesome headboard to go with our even awesome-er king size bed.



I am pretty obsessed with trying to find an old farm door to use as a head board but I refuse to spend $50 and up for something I know I can get at an estate auction for nearly nothing.

They are pretty neat though…

I had pretty much given up hope until…

I was in the barn with my husband while he was fiddling… yet again … with his new “Old” square baler. As I was talking to him I noticed out of the corner of my eye the pile of old farm junk in the corner.

Why hadn’t I thought of this before!


In the front of the pile you will see some old farm truck racks upside down. They were left from previous owners so the word “FREE” along with the fraise “Finder Keepers” enters my mind.

I mentioned using one of the rack sides as a headboard to {G} and he came back with some smart A remark like, “How about we use the rusted tin from this baler while were at it”. He sometimes thinks my ideas are way out in left field so I dropped it.

Later we were in the house, he was reading, and I was on the floor playing with Winston when he says, “So do you want to measure the bed then go measure the wooden truck rack?”

kjfakjhdh… you say Wahhhht?

My eyes popped open with excitement!

We did the measurements and think that we can make it work. It really needed some dusting off but once we did that it looked awesome!


We are not going to stain this nor paint it. The wood against our Sage walls is going to look Amazing!

{G} says we need to power wash it to get it completely “Sanitized” before brining it in the house so I am hoping that by next weekend we can showcase it!

I’m still in the look out for a runner for our basement stairs… still no luck but I’ll keep looking!

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