April 30, 2013

Finally Spring

It only took 27 days into April for Spring to FINALLY arrive! It was a lovely 70-75 degrees Saturday and Sunday here in Iowa. Unfortunately, looking ahead to the end of the week shows that we will drop down to the low 40’s due to arctic winds blowing in from the Dakotas… Darn them!

The beautiful weather came just in time for all the farmers here in the mid-west. They were really getting anxious to get in their fields… they includes my husband. He will be baling Hay this summer on part of our land. This field was a MESS when we first arrived, so he needed to disc it down a few times and re-seed it so we get a good hay crop off of it.

He loved every minute of being out in the field. 



In between running to the field to help open and close gates I began working on my list of Spring Projects. As I was working on one project my eyes would catch something else to add to my list.

Our walk way to the door has been driving me nuts! There is no divider between the mulch and the concrete so it just blows on the walk for me to have to sweep back. I remembered we had some left over bricks around the farm so I placed them along the rows. I think I did pretty well!


The next huge item on my list was the back cement patio. You can tell at one point it had the retro turf glue to it.


My husband and I originally wanted to go for a light gray blue but as it went down I kept second guessing…. I thought it was hideous. 


I had run out of paint and needed to run to the store to get some more so I made the decision to go BOLD and paint it a dark blue instead. 


Too Bold?

{G} thought so. But I love it. Once all the furniture, rugs, plants, and new cushions go on it the blue on the ground is going to make every thing Pop.

I told {G} if he really hates it in a year we can try something else. Paint isn’t that expensive to redo.


Now I need to get the rest of my list checked off

  • plant the garden – have all the plants we grew ourselves from seeds but it’s been too cold
  • fence the garden – maybe we can do this prior to planting to get it done
  • Plant new flowers in the garden
  • find an 8’ windmill for my garden
  • get a flag pole

I love working outside so I don’t mind spending the time on any of these.

Quick Update:

My U10 soccer team is 1-1-1 so far. They are a great group of kiddos and parents to work with and I enjoy having the extra excuse to get outside!

Another Update:

It’s suppose to be a 34 degree Thursday with a chance of snow… I may not be planting that garden anytime soon.

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