May 1, 2013

April Photo Fun

April… you we fun. You brought me 4 new Cluckers


more than enough rain to bring us flowers for May.

april 2 college

  1. Loretta & Reba out scratching
  2. Winston staying close behind to monitor the ladies
  3. The Cluckery – door to the roost
  4. The gangs all here! 3 new hens and a rooster… names TBD
  5. Winston taking in the sights from our field
  6. Redneck raking…
  7. Paper whites
  8. Spring/Summer door wreath
  9. Sunset with Barns and Bin at 629 C ave
  10. Old farm truck gate… to be turned in headboard (project still in progress)
  11. New rug from TJMAXX
  12. Getting stuck behind a combine on our Lane
  13. {G}’s Hay Rack Project
  14. Hayrack Completion
  15. Inside of our Silo


  1. {G} seeding the old horse pasture
  2. hayfield – disc-ed, harrowed, seeding, and packed down April 27th & 28th
  3. Taking a ride with {G} and Winston has he packed the seed down
  4. {G} disc-ing the field on April 27th.

{ Hopefully you’ll be a little warmer next year }

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