March 22, 2013

Snagged it!

I always seem to find the perfect items when I am not looking for them… and when I have the picture perfect idea of something I want… I can’t find it. A new TJmaxx opened just this month and it’s taken me a few weeks to drive to that side of town to check it out but I finally made it!

With my stair project coming to a halt I thought it would be a place to hit up to see if I could find any carpet runners. Well… I didn't find a carpet runner but what I did find was this A-mazing natural area rug!

Snagged it for $24.99! suckers…


The only issue with it is that there is no grip underneath so on our terracotta tiles it slides around. I tried carpet tape but that’s a no. I have seen DIY projects where people use clear caulk under rugs to add a grip so we are going to try it this weekend.

The next thing I found was a natural woven storage container. We seem to always have magazines, tractor manuals, & misc. papers, that pile up under the coffee table so I really wanted to find a container big enough to fit under it but also fit with our decor.

As I grabbed the container this old lady came up behind me staring at it in my hand. So I lingered for a moment to make sure there weren’t any others that I wanted and decided… it’s mine lady! I was here first.

Snagged it for $12.99!



When I said “Tractor manuals” I meant it… Oh to be a Farm Boys Wife.


Once I placed my new rug down I felt like the space didn’t seem right.


031 033

So I added a bushel basket that was just sitting in the kitchen and put it in the corner

by the door for umbrellas.


Much better.

Then I had an old rake… farm rake… that I have been wanting to hang but wasn’t sure about where. We have a coat closet so we don’t need a coat hanger.

How about a hat hanger?

 046 047 045

Love IT!


Maybe I should shop more often with out having any expectations?

Have a good weekend! I’ll be spending it at a farm equipment auction with my husband :)

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