March 20, 2013

Stair Reno Part II

Yesterday I let you all in on my stairwell Reno Part I! I didn’t want to leave you hanging too long so even though my project isn’t 100% complete I wanted to post what I do have done.

Remember… this is what I started with!


And here is where we are now. . . 

stair well

Wait for it…


Here it is!

Stair well 3

                  Welcome to the Dungeon                                         Welcome to our lovely basement


Stair well 3

Can you believe what a difference paint and a little manual labor can make! Here’s what I did:

stair well 5

  1. Pulled up the carpet painted treads black… hated them… painted them white! LOVE
  2. Painted the walls in the stair well and at the bottom … did you notice?
  3. Painted the trim work white… It makes a nice separation between the spaces
  4. Re-painted the basement floor and extended the line out past the wall using leftover paint the previous owners had

What could be left to do? Well here’s the deal-o… I really would like to add a bit more color to the space so I am on the hunt for a runner to go down the staircase.

But you just painted the stairs… why would you cover them?

Because I want to! What are you going to do about it… punk. ;) I love the white stairs but practically they are going to get filthy in the matter of months so I want to make them kid safe… for the future, and once again add a little more color to the area.

I am on the look out for a bargain. This girl is not buying $40 runners just to cut them up and staple them to stairs. We’ll see what I come up with!

How did I do?!?

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