February 6, 2013

Wednesday Hump: Photo Dump

Wow… I’m about two days behind because I forgot to publish my post after writing it!

I now declare Wednesday the official Hump Photo Dump day of my week. I take photos through out the week an then never end up sharing any of them!

I’m excited to finally post some projects I completed. I was waiting until they were successfully delivered to their new happy homes!

These were made for my Bestie back in PA

{ Reversible Tote & hanging plastic bag holder }

I made an awesome denim apron with the same material to outline it but forgot to take a photo :(

1119 1122 1123

The next two were sent off to Maryland to my husbands Cousin’s Family … that’s a lot to say … I should just leave it at family.

Anyway, they just welcomed a new little girl to their growing family and well since I don’t have kids yet I get to send adorable stuff to people that have kiddos!

When I saw the giraffe “duck” cloth at Hobby Lobby on sale for 60% off I had to get it! I mean seriously… how cute is it! Then I decided to use yellow since that’s pretty neutral, I heard that baby girl and big brother were sharing a room so I didn’t want to go to girlie. The size of the basket is perfect as a diaper caddy too.

015 027

Big Brother is in love with cars so when I saw this fabric I thought it would be cute to keep some toys in… or coloring books, crayons, really whatever they want!


I found another fun fabric with lots of traffic signs and thought it would make a good lining to compliment the outer fabric.



{Other Photos from the week}

week1 photo dump

  1. The Jeep hit 77,777 miles last week!
  2. The high last Thursday, Jan. 31 was 7*degrees but felt like -8
  3. Portable lunch crock pot… I know right! Why didn’t they think of this a long time ago!
  4. Patched up a pair of jeans for the hubby
  5. My favorite pair of black flats {Blow Fish Cherie Flats }
  6. They were originally only $16 but I loved them and had them for 2 years :(
  7. Did you know you can shred chicken breast with your Kitchen Aid Mixer!?!
  8. Fabric from The Fat Quarter Shop 
  9. I looked up from the couch and Winston was sitting just like this… I had to take a photo op!


Enjoy the Weekend!

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