February 13, 2013

Wednesday Hump: Photo Dump

Hello There! Who’s pumped for Valentine’s Day?!? Not this girl! I like to go into these “holidays” now with the littlest of expectations so that way the disappointment is far less obvious when nothing happens.

Is that sad… or is it real life?

Some would say it’s settling but over the past two point five years I’ve just gotten less anxious about if my husband is going to get me flowers or take me out for dinner. When it comes down to it, if I have to beg for that stuff then is it really worth it?

I’m also more secure in my relationship aka marriage then I’ve ever been. I know my husband loves me very much. If I asked him to buy me the moon… he would ask how much it was, why would I ever want it, say that I don’t really want that, but at the end of the day he would get it for me… unwrapped in a plastic bag.

Maybe my expectations are higher than just one day? I expect my husband to show me love every day.. in small gestures of course.

Some of those every day appreciations are:

  • Making/Turning on the coffee making every morning before work
  • Putting away the dishes in the dry rack that I cleaned the night before
  • Before he leaves for work, I get a kiss and a have a good day
  • When he gets home I let Winston out to greet him… you should see his face light up
  • Help cleaning up after supper

All of these things make my life a little more pleasant. :) If I get flowers or a nice gift it’s just an added bonus :)

Here are my photo’s from the week :)

  • feb 13 collage 
  1. Went to Bacon Fest on Saturday
  2. Photo of our new King Bed quilt and pillows galore
  3. Photo of King size bed… I can’t believe we were using a Full #nevergoingback
  4. Went to the Home/Garden show in Des Moines… Love this upcycled green house
  5. Small envelope pillow for the bed that I made.
  6. An awesome upcycled Chevy truck turned bench. Pretty awesome
  7. Finally found an address book #kickitoldskool
  8. Winston loves the bed… Yes, were one of “those” people who let the dog sleep in our bed
  9. Driving home yesterday on C Ave… nothing but back country roads

1 comment:

  1. I can definitely tell our husbands are related!!! ;)
    We don't even celebrate holidays anymore or buy each other presents. Those little gestures everyday are the best! :)


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