February 4, 2013

Love Crafting? You’ll LOVE my new find!

Over the weekend I stumbled across a website or two I have not yet heard of and have been obsessed!

The first is called Craftgawker…

It’s got the same layout as pinterest but it is strictly crafts only!


Why I love it over Pinterest:

When you are on craftgawker you can browse via latest, popular, category, & random. So if I just want crafts related to sewing then I click category – sewing. On Pinterest I would get random Pins about sewing… or with the word sewing in it so this is specifically for crafters and I’m in love. <3

From exploring craftgawker I came across this next site,

which I’m even more ecstatic about!



Ever wanted to learn how to sew a bag or take a crafting class but you were too shy or couldn’t find classes in your area? CRAFTSY is the site for you! They offer online craft classes from baking, to quilting, gardening, photography, etc! You go at your own pace with screaming videos. Pause to take a break and return later to pick up where you left off.

You can even purchase patterns through the site and much like Pinterest & Craftgawker you can browse through the project section to get inspired!

Want a free class? Earn points by creating a profile and linking up to your blog, facebook, & Twitter.

With an account you can easily keep track of your patterns and classes and once finished projects post them and leave reviews about how well you like the project.

My first project through Craftsy.com was this iphone slip cover from Charmstitch.com

a Simple iPhone Slip Casea Simple iPhone Slip Casea Simple iPhone Slip Casea Simple iPhone Slip Case

Here is my finished result:

019 026 024

I used fabric from my new favorite online shop The Fat Quarter Shop: Click the fabrics to go to the site

MadronaRoad-DC5574-PETA-D-450 MadronaRoad-DC5580-PINK-D-450

These are the other fabrics I purchased and with the help of my new friends at

Craftsy & Craftgawker I’m sure to find some use for them!



Happy Crafting

* I just wanted to note that although I would be happy to advertise for these sites they had no impact on this post and my views.

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