January 31, 2013

Project: Bedroom

That’s right, finally my wish has come true. {G} and I are upgrading to a KING size bed! After four years of dating and sleeping on half ass college beds then two and a half years of marriage sleeping in his full bed from his child years, I can finally say that the nights of feeling as if I may roll of the bed are over!

When we lived in Mitchell, SD our stairway was so narrow you couldn't even fit a Queen up the stairs. Plus the bed rooms were too small to accommodate that size furniture.

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{You know you love the TV}

When we first looked at our current house in Iowa I immediately fell in LOVE with the size of the Master Suite… Yes I can say suite since it’s got a bathroom as well attached :)

The only problem was that our furniture now looked small and ridiculous in that size of a room.

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We moved in on May 11th and to this day… it looks the same. I haven’t put any kind of wall decor on the walls. However, above the dresser hangs a lovely mirror that isn’t in the photo.

{G} was pretty content with not needing to upgrade our sleeping arrangement but all of the sudden there are 8 legs in our bed instead of the usually 4. Winston has gotten snuggly with {G} at nights which forces me to the edge of the bed often waking up through out the night.

We knew that buying a larger bed was definitely an investment that we weren’t ready to buy.

That was until….

{G} had a work Christmas party and we got the inside from a co-worker of his that he could get us a really good deal on a King size bed. So, that ended the discussion about the bed costing too much.

I am so excited! In two weeks we will have a brand new bed! Now I just have to buy some new bedding. Start up on bedding is expensive! We need sheets, pillows, comforters… I guess I just need to suck it up and by a set.

I love our Sage walls in the bedroom but coming up with ideas that match is really hard!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this set from JCP but my concern is the cream color. Our dog sheds like a BIOTCH… This wouldn’t last very long.


{ This is too boring for me –below}

{Nor do we do Shiny…Blahhh}

So my search continues for the right bed spread. . . I’ve also decided once we get the set that I am going to find some matching fabric and frames to put these on the wall behind the bed as a faux head board.


We are also in MAJOR need of getting curtains and I would love to tear the carpet up and put wood flooring down but that’s a project for another time.

If anyone comes across some khaki colored bedding hit me up :)

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