January 15, 2013

The Skinny …

As I mentioned in my last post I have joined the Iowa State University gym. Go Me! I have officially made it into week three and am not losing my motivation… despite all of these skinny minis walking around.

I really never thought about the challenge of joining a gym for college students and faculty.

#1 Challenge:

They are ALL 18-22 years old. They are in their PRIME damn it.

Well there ya go I’m setting myself up for failure. I will NEVER have my 18year old body back. I’ve come to terms with that. But when did wearing nothing but spandex come into style? Its like their rubbing it in.

“Back in the day…” (seriously?)

We use to wear shorts and free t-shirts we got from camps. If I EVER wore spandex it was under my athletic shorts.

Now its ALL spandex… and I know they have to be wearing thongs or going commando because … not that I’m looking… but I’m looking… there are no panty lines.

Then on top of that … literally… they throw on a tank top or walk around in sports bras.

I want to walk up to one of the beautiful people and say to them… Live it up… body parts will not always look like that. Maybe for the few but for most of us this is so.

As awkward as I may feel, I still sport my soccer shorts and free tees, and will use the beautiful people as motivation. I know it will never be the same, however, I’d like to get close.


  1. Just wait until you have kids and then you'll really wonder what happened!!!

  2. Britt this is a great post...extremely relateable. Ive often looked but not looked at those spandex girls lol.

  3. Oh this makes me laugh! You could definitely rock the spandex if you wanted to :)

  4. ok. so here's my question then... Reg undies... thong.. or comanndo


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