January 14, 2013

Dear January

You are really cold so far, care to heat it up a little bit? At least enough for my nose hairs to defrost while walking into the office.

I’m not to sure about this “2013” that I’m throwing at the end of everything… it just seems off. Maybe because every huge event that has ever occurred in my life has been on an even year and not an odd?

okay… minus the birthday

1985… 2013… 1985… 2013…

holy hell that is a gap...

Positives…. Yes! Stay Positive

So far January has me set on a great pace. I’ve started a lot of “New” routines that I’m happy to say are working.

#1: Wake up 30 mins early every day (5:30am)

By waking up 30 minutes early I am able to eat breakfast and get ready for work without freaking out  with only 3 minutes left before I’m supposed to be out the door.

#2: Eating breakfast

I know this goes with #1 but really in my journey to become a healthier me, Breakfast is a huge deal. I need to jump start my metabolism in the mornings. Benefit: I feel energized all day, even if I woke up 30 minutes earlier.

3#: GYM

I joined the Iowa State Gym January 1st. Yeah, yeah I’m one of “THOSE” people. I don’t care! I worked it out in my schedule and my budget and there is no price to feeling good about myself again. I go to State Gym from 5-6pm 3 days a week and one other day I do Shaun T’s 15 minute workout at home.

#4: Soda… I love you but I kind of need some separation

I contribute a lot of my unhealthy eating to the fact that I drink WAY to much soda. That’s a lot of sugar that I’m just sucking into my thighs…. I mine as well inject that crap with a needle. Instead I have given myself “one a week”. Yes seriously, one a week. I’ve made it 2.5 weeks so far and usually they I have it on the weekend. It’s my GIFT to self… here buddy you’ve done super this week here’s your high from drinking this caffeinated beverage… sip it slowly because it’s all you get until next week.

#5: Healthy Choices

Did you know you can opt for a water bottle and apple slices at Subway now, opposed to chips and a fountain drink! At McDonalds you can get a water bottle as well. Instead of bringing the box of chips to the couch I try and grab fruit or I have a bowl of nuts on the table to munch on.

With these new routines I’m happy to say I’ve lost a little over 4 lbs. :) Score.

By no means am I saying I’m a heavy person, but I am unsatisfied with how I feel about myself. I want to be able to run for the fun of it again, and do more then 15 pushups, feel good about myself in a bathing suit again. My goal is to cut out the 10 lbs of LAZY that I have accumulated over the past 2.5 years of marriage and get back into my skin again.

I can’t wait until Spring hit but for now…

January… so far so good.

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  1. Good for you!!! I'm jealous of the gym you hey to work out at. I'm sure Anyime is "almost" the same haha!

    We need to catch up soon!!!


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