January 30, 2013

Some things never change…

Over the past few years it’s been really hard to connect and make new friends. I now know what my deal is. I’ve been so blessed in the past to be able to share my life with some pretty awesome gals that I just keep hoping for the same kind of girls to come along. The other day my best friends Momma put up a picture of her daughter and her 3 best friends; S, J, and myself {B}

When I saw the picture I couldn't believe how much … and how little we have changed over the past 8 years! Sure… physically we all have grown up to become the women we are now but inside we share the same interest, humor, love of music & of course dancing, and have all fallen in love with some great guys.

You know when there is a great foundation to friendship when no matter how many years pass… we can get together at special events and feel like it was only yesterday that we were sitting around the lunch table at McKean HS.

{Prom 2004}

high school

{Girls Night Out Newark 2008}

2008 all together

{Another Girls Night Out in Trolley 2008}


  {Sara’s Wedding 2010}

sarahs wedding

{Missy’s Wedding 2012… the three in the middle}

missys wedding

These were only the digital photos I have! I’m sure if I went into my shoebox of printed pictures I would find a goldmine of embarrassing fantastic photos from all of those years.

Thanks to you girls I will continue to lament on the past… and pray that some day I can meet a group just as great. :)

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