January 29, 2013

My fury child…

This past weekend Winston {My fury child} was sick all day Sunday. I was supposed to head down to Des Moines with G but after seeing Winston acting weird I decided to stay back.

Usually he is pretty independent and will choose the leather recliner over a warm body but that morning he wouldn’t leave my side.

All of the sudden her started dry heaving and eventually got up what was bothering him… only to swallow it back down. Yuck.

For an hour he did nothing but dry heave so I kept having him drink water. I would sit on the floor and he would come snuggle in then start heaving again. I felt awful that I couldn’t do anything for him! I tried getting him running around and that  finally did it.

My little guy threw up 5 times! That’s a lot for a small dog and it was possibly the grossest thing I have had to clean up in quite some time. Unfortunately, he got sick on the rugs but I have a pet vac that I quickly got running and nothing was stained. 1116

{Winston cuddling on the couch after round 1}

Winston went back to sleep for an hour laying on top of me and the blanket, woke up, and got sick 3 more times. I have no idea what upset his stomach but I’m glad he got it out.

Of course as I was cleaning it up I made sure that he didn’t have diarrhea of blood in any of the vomit. That' could’ve been a sign of something worse going on.

I continued to make sure he slept and drank plenty of water and by the time 8pm rolled around he was hungry and ate a half bowl of food. He’s been feeling better ever since.


{Winston in “his” (Guest) Room resting from a rough day}

I know that this same situation happens with moms and I’m glad to know that I can handle cleaning up the sickness… but I know G is NOT going to be helpful in this area. Is it me or are all guys a little wimpy when it comes to cleaning up the yucky stuff?

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  1. Aww, your dog is so cute! Glad he's feeling better!


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