December 13, 2012

Lacking the Christmas Spirit…

We are officially at 12 days left until Christmas and I just do not “feel” the Christmas Cheer. Not that I’m Mrs. Grumpy Pants or anything I just feel like the spark that usually surrounds this time of year is no where to be found. Its not for lack of trying, I pulled out my decorations which was stored in two large tubs and maybe used about a quarter of what I did last year around the house. This year we have stockings up, our little Charlie Brown tree, the dinning room center piece, and a few small things here and there but that is it.

My Christmas Shopping is not even started minus a gift here and there… and I’m pretty much dreading it. Again, not that I’m being grumpy I just don’t feel excited about it.

I think it’s just the lack of excitement I feel towards making our 18 hour trek in a truck back east to see everyone. That and … really what is so exciting about spending our 3rd Christmas as husband and wife together? Not that we aren’t looking forward to having the time off from work but I feel like so many people are my age are more excited because they have their own children to spread the cheer with. I totally get it, what ISNT exciting about seeing a kid put out cookies for Santa and open their first Christmas present.

I feel as if I am in Limbo.

Maybe my problem is I’m comparing my situation to other people way too much. I love that others have started their families. It just hasn’t been the right time for us yet, although I’m still completely Jelly of all of your cutie-pah-tootie Christmas cards. I need to think of my life in another light at this time though.

George and I get to do a lot of things mommy’s and daddy’s don’t get to do. This February we have tickets to Bacon Fest in Des Moines, IA! So excited! Then at the end of February I am traveling to VEGAS for a work conference! First time offender so I’m stoked to be heading there. We may not have gotten to England like we wish to do before kids but we have time still. I can be completely selfish still and buy clothes just for me without feeling bad. (although I can’t lie, passing the baby clothes gets me every time!)

I suppose there is no right or wrong here, I just need to stop dwelling on comparing my life to others and maybe the Christmas spirit will explode out of me once we hit the Maryland/Delaware boarders.

We’ll See…

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