November 27, 2012

Turkey for me… Turkey for you

Wow, where did Thanksgiving run to? No sooner did it get here before the 4 day break was over and I was back to work. Great thing is… you know you like your job when your not pissed at the idea of having to go in on Monday. I had no ill-will feelings and was ready to get back into my daily routine.

As much as we enjoyed hosting 5 guest this past weekend, we really are relieved to be by ourselves again. Is that bad? I mean, we really don’t see people that often but after a certain amount of time passes you just want to be able to … walk around in your undies again. That’s a figure of speech since I usually wear pj pants but if you think about it, how REAL are you when people are visiting.

You go out of your way to make them comfortable, you make the breakfast of champions instead of your normal Corn Pops, you find time to use the bathroom when you think no one’s paying attention…. I mean really… how normal do we act when visitors are around.

Last week I had listed some recipes that I was trying and can say that two out of three were a success!


Pumpkin Cheesecake Shooters



These were so delish- minus the nutrish. Each serving was about 100 Calories so they are a SCORE in my book! I was so full after eating that I really didn’t care for a slice of apple pie but these babies we just enough for me to be satisfied with a full course meal.


Hog-Rottin… opps.. I mean, Au Gratin Potatoes

Steak House Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe


This recipe was kick-ass! Super duper yummy and I used all the left over’s for brunch on Saturday. They went well with Eggs, and bacon. Yummy yummy.


Where I completely missed the boat was with baking Bread. I don’t know what happened! I did a test run on Wednesday with this recipe and it flopped. They were completely inedible.

Tasty Buns Recipe 

Not my picture.


Then I tried a friends recipe and I tasted some dough before baking them and the dough was really good but then the rolls came out super dense and tasted too much like dough.

These hands weren’t made for baking… and I’ve know this fact for many years. My mom can even attest to the idea that “Brittany will not be a baker when she grows up”. The only thing I bake… and bake well are Brownies. Ooie-gooey every time!


Now, where I was completely terrified of screwing up was with the turkey. They put so much pressure on it being the Star of the meal that how can you not freak! I was so amped up that I put the turkey in a 7:45am. I checked it for the neck and pulled it out… but for some reason there were no Giblets to be found. Well, I guess they forgot them in this turkey. I got it into the oven and called mom and to find out… yes the giblets were in the turkey. Did you know they have two holes that they hide that crap in! No one told me about the two holes! Thanks mom for saving the day once again.


Other than that, Turkey day was a success. I hope you all enjoyed it as well. :)


Tomorrow I will throw up some awesome left over recipes I’ve been using, they are really yummy!

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