November 19, 2012

Recipe List for this Thanksgiving

I am plotting my Thanksgiving Feast and came across some A-Mazing recipes that I thought I would share.

I am NOT yet the baker but that’s what Bakery’s are for which is where I am getting my pumpkin and apple pies. However, I came across a recipe for pumpkin shooters that I know I can make successfully! And really, how FUN are they! is one of my fav. recipe spots on the web because she always makes healthier food but the way I prefer it… which is the same as it normally is but without the calories. They never taste like “health” food… if I wanted to eat Tofu I would… but I don’t so it is!

This year I will also be attempting to bake my own bread. I came across this link for “Tasty Buns” .. Don’t they look TASTY. The recipe also looks fairly simple for a newbie bread baker. 


Next on my list to try are, Steak House style Au Gratin potatoes… requested by my husband. I figured lets try something else instead of the … no shocker … mashed potatoes.

I found this recipe at Another of my favorite sites… but with out the healthy linked to it.


Other then these items, are Feast will consist of the usual… Turkey (that I hope doesn’t over cook), Green bean casserole, apple sauce, Deviled eggs, Celery/carrots & dip, followed by a dessert of Pumpkin, or apple pie.

I feel like I am missing something… oh well, must not be super important if it’s not on my list. Hope you enjoy the recipes.

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