September 13, 2012

Summer to Autumn Garden Swap Out

Yesterday afternoon I decided to swap out my summer blooms for my new autumn mums. I get so excited seeing all the mums at the stores that I couldn’t wait any longer!


IMG_0900 IMG_0895



I planted 5 orange mums in a line spread evenly to take up the empty space in the walk way to the main door. I reused the begonias that were in the green pots in the winder to below the flag.  I still want to get a few straw bales and some pumpkins to place in the empty area to the left of the window box where there are currently Black eye Susan’s I’m leaving to go to seed. The varieties of pumpkins aren’t really out yet since were still early but soon enough they will be everywhere! :)



I planted 5 smaller mums in the reused pots and was sure to make a pattern with the colors instead of holding to one like in the walk way.


I planted a butterfly bush to the right of the door. I already had a new friend visit! A little hummingbird stopped by to take a little drink, I saw him from my kitchen window!


I was very excited to dig my fall wreath out from the box in the basement! I made this wreath last year and I am still very pleased with the look of it. Save $$$ this year, however, I am going to make another unique one since we have the other door that goes to the mud room. For some reason everyone always goes to that door? Hopefully they will go to this one since it looks so Welcoming. :)

Also, did you notice there is a plaque with our name and address by the door! My parents gave this to G and I when they came to visit in July and it’s just now going up. Failed… but it’s up and I’m so happy with how it looks. What a great house warming gift!

*My rule of thumb that I learned back in my college course in “Floral design” is that you should always pair things in odd numbers. 3,5,7,9… etc This is why I bought 5 large mums and 5 smaller mums. (Plus my window box is made for 5… He knew the rule :)

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  1. You are so ambitious, I envy your mums! It looks really cute! I need some color in my may have inspired me.


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