September 17, 2012

It Comes in Waves….

Is it me or does it just always happen that when we have “projects” we HAVE “project(S)” with a capital S?!?! We will go WEEKS with out any large projects and then BAM out of no where it’s 20 projects in a weekend. :(

Holy hell was the weekend a complete cluster of endless outdoor projects. I wish we could just do a minor project and save the rest for the next weekend but it just happens that we are on a time frame and need it done NOW.

G rented a skid loader for the weekend so that we could finally clear off the trailer of items his BF (man husband) brought back in July. They were too heavy to do by hand so we needed the forks and some HP (horse power) to help.


G driving the Skid loader… he found the obnoxious horn to be quite amusing….


Our biggest item to get off the trailer was the disc cutter, it’s HEAVY, awkward, and the center of balance is very hard to find so at any minute it could roll over.


We were able to place a chain around the center point and lift and pull it enough to get it to a position where we could attach the tractor onto it.




The next project was to remove a horse paddock that we really don’t need.


We unlatched all of the electrical rope, wrapped them up, took off the ties from the post, then had to go one by one pulling the steaks from the ground.

While my husband operated the skid loader, I had to place the chain around the pole/steak, tighten, then once removed, unlatch it, place the steak out of the way, and move onto the next… It’s TEDIOUS and was NOT fun.

We got done this paddock and moved onto two others that already had the ropes down but need the poles removed. We probably pulled out 18 on the first paddock, 10 large poles in another, and another 10-15 in the larger field.

Once we were done that, I had to stack the post on the skid steer so that we could move them to storage. My husband offered for me to drive it but honestly by then I just wanted to get it over with and knew if I was driving it would take longer because I wasn’t use to the machine.


We finally called it a day… yes just one day, got cleaned up and went to supper at our small in town restaurant in Ogden called, “The Lucky Pig”. He owed me big time.

The next day we got up earlier for another day of yard work .

While he worked on changing the oil out in the disc mower I jumped on the mower and cleaned up the two paddocks left in the yard area. Then moved onto trimming the hedges.

G bought a nice gas powered hedge trimmer… It says it’s only 10 lbs but after about 2 hedges my arms we really starting to feel it.


There were about 6 large hedges that DESPERATELY needed a good trim, I made it to the last two and couldn’t hold the trimmer up any more. My wrist hurt and my muscles in my arms were shaking. That’s when I called “Done-skis'” and said G you finish. Once he finished mowing the rest of the yard he came over and finished the two other bushes.

We took a little break and drove to Ames to pick up my first ever Craig's list buy! I found a ATV cart on there listed at $65. It looked really nice and G and I are always saying how much of a B*tch it is to carry everything back and forth for projects. I called the owner and got him to go $50 bucks on it.

We pulled up to a flipping mansion… at least a 3 mil house and there was the wagon. It was is great shape, way bigger then expected, and it was all mine! I looked at what they are brand new and they retail for $250!!!! WINNING

We got home and I hooked this puppy up to the 4-wheeler and finished loading all of our yard trash from the day.


Today it’s Monday and my arms FEEL super heavy and sore. We definitely put in a lot of hard work this weekend, but it paid off. Everything looks nice but I’m dreading the day G buys his own Skid Steer…

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