September 11, 2012

Storage Wars ... Simple Fixes on a Budget

I have been meaning to organize some areas in the house for some time but as always they go on the back burner. These little issues are simple things that I use every day that could be easier to maneuver through. I am always following organizing blogs to get some great ideas for how to make life a little more simpler. Many of times though I find myself frustrated over the cost of how much it is to organizing with buying items from IKEA and the container store. Little items add up fast so my mission this week was to shop for organization items on a budget. This is how I did…

1st project: My makeup and hair supply drawers in the master bathroom

Problem: I use these drawers every day! They are so deep that my items slide all the way to the back to never be seen again.

Fix: Plastic organizing cases found at Target

IMG_1401 IMG_1400

I found these at Target for 5.99 & 3.99 in the “Laundry supply” section. I really wanted to spend less but it was all they had and I figure they will last and be easy to clean. They immediately made my drawers neat and organized. This morning after I showered I was able to find everything I needed without having to shuffle through the two drawers.

2nd project: Storage of the ironing table

Problem: We have the perfect closet for storing our ironing table, however with it not hanging up every time we opened the door it would block the shelves so we had to pull out the ironing table grab what we needed place it back and the cycle continues.


Easy fix: a iron/ ironing table wall hanger, found at Target

I attached this to the inside of the door making sure that it was strategically placed so that the door would indeed close. Problem fixed! Out of the way but still in arms reach from the washer and dryer.

3rd project: Mud room shoe storage

Problem: No matter how hard I try to put my shoes away in my closet it's just more convenient to take my muddy ones off in the breezeway and leave them. I just repainted the room and it looks unfinished with shoes lining the doorway.

IMG_1398 IMG_1397

Easy fix: Target Shoe shelf

I bought this for 12.99 at Target. I wanted something simple, we already have a bench in the breeze way so no way was I going to spend 70 bucks on a shoe organizer/sitting area. This shelf turned out great and since I saved on the shelf I spent a little money on a bin I saw... It was love at first sight and it will go with any room of our house so I bought it. I put Winston's towel and leash in it for easy hiding/access.

Final project: Drab to Fab refrigerator

I saw this on another blog and I wish I remembered which one because I would totally give them a huge shout out.

Problem: Boring refrigerator



Fix: $1.99 plastic place mats from target! Cut these to fit the shelves like a liner and BAM! now you have a cute frig that says 'aren't I adorable' every time you reach in. I easily lined the drawers by pulling them out and stenciling the outline of the drawer. LOVE <3 PS. not only are they cute they are functional… If there is a spill you can easily pull these out and wash them in the sink.

The other issue I battle with frig storage is space for jars on my door shelves… There is never enough room so items end up on the inner shelves but are a pain to reach for since they often end up in the back. I bought a round turning table (originally for spices) for $6.49 at Walmart and placed it on one of the shelves. Now I have more space on my door shelves and can just spin and grab what I need. I was able to fit 5 jars on it.


By adding small touches around the house it made me feel at ease. I really do love to organize, but only on a budget. I hope I gave you some ideas for around the house easy organizing fixes.

PS… you can obviously see that my hubby drinks Busch.. while my taste is a little more tailored to seasonal beers. :)


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