September 10, 2012

Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches & Football

On Thursday while I was perusing the grocery store for this weeks meals I came across some small frozen turkey's in the freezer section. I always stray away from whole birds because lets face it… this party of two can’t eat a whole 7lbs turkey.  I wouldn’t know what to do with all the leftovers… eat turkey morning, noon, and night… freeze the rest of it… sneak some scraps to the dog.

This portion was perfect, a little 3lb roaster that I was able to cook in the crock pot. It even came with gravy and get this… no bones, just meat. On Saturday morning I decided to put this little baby to use, it felt like the perfect day for it. Cool outside, college football on the TV, and I was feeling the “less is more” approach to cooking supper that night.

That evening we had open faced turkey sandwiches; bread, home made mashed potatoes (from the night before), turkey, and gravy. There were still leftovers but enough to freeze to use later this week for home made Turkey Pot Pie… YUM! Can’t wait!

My weekend in football was filled with high and lows….

ISU vs... Iowa = Iowa State Won in a battle of the fittest :)

Steelers vs... Broncos = Epic failure… Way to start the season.. PS. I hate you Manning

I guess I will have to try and boost last nights loss with a half ass attempt at rooting on the Ravens in tonight’s Monday night show down against the Bengals.

Are you Ready for some Football?!? If not, at least attempt some crock pot creations … bye bye grill, hello crock pot.

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