September 4, 2012

Airport Etiquette… is there any?

In my two years of living in the Mid-West I have had to travel many times by plane to get back east for special events. In thinking about this I have flown back … 5 times in two years. I’m not going to even count all of the connection flights but there are at least 2 per every time I flew due to flying out of small airports to larger ones.


  • May - Wedding
  • July – funeral
  • August – Key West


  • June – 60th b-day
  • July- Bridal shower
  • Sept – wedding

After this last round trip I got to thinking about airport etiquette and really it all came to mind when people started annoying me with not having any. Maybe many of you feel the same way that I do? Here are just a few of my thoughts on air travel etiquette.

Security Check In:

When they say have your ticket and ID ready …. have it in hand. It’s really annoying to stand in a line and have to wait for you to fish it out of your huge ass purse.

Small Gate Areas:

Chairs in waiting areas are always on top of each other… if you see that there are more people then there are chairs, move your bags from the chair next to you so someone else can sit down… they will be okay on the floor in front of you.

Talking in small areas on the phone:

I don’t want to know your business… no offense to foreigners but you guys talk SUPER loud… I think mobile phones are now equipped to handle inside voices so please talk lower, its annoying.

Oh you want a seat that you aren’t assigned to?:

Yes, if I selected a window seat, most likely I want it. “Oh… you and your boyfriend aren’t able to sit right next to each other so you would like me to move to the back of the plane to your seat… “ I THINK NOT. Sorry, that’s not my problem, however, I have given up my seat for a parent needing to sit next to their under 10 yr old on the plane.

Ding… we have landed and seat belt sign is off lets all try and get into the aisle at the same time:

This is my BIGGEST pet peeve while flying. It ALWAYS seems like people rush to get off the plane from the back. NEVER FAILS, it takes at least 3 minutes to get the plane door open but lets all stand with your butts in my face because you’re in a rush to get to your next gate. We would ALL get off the plane faster if people were patient and would let the 4 people seated in front of you get out of their seats first to exit the plane.

Arm Rest:

If you are seating in a row of 3 people the center seat gets the two arm rest to the right and left… they are in the middle! That sucks enough as it is.

Hopefully, no one I know does these things. ;) But if you do, take the time to think about how you can make traveling easier and comfortable for everyone around you.

Happy Travels

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