September 5, 2012

Have you seen where August went… I can’t seem to locate her

I knew that this summer was going to fly by, but I had no clue where August went. It seemed to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Not that I am complaining, Spring is my all time favorite season but Autumn is a close 2nd.

Ever since I can remember I loved the excitement that the fall season brings:

- Back to school shopping (I can’t wait for the day I have kids so I can indulged in that again)

- Cool days – COLD nights

- Football season

- Autumn brewed beers

- Bon Fires

- The SMELL of bon fires

- Harvesting

- Pumpkins, Cider, and Halloween

- The leaves changing to yellows, reds, and oranges

- Orchards

- Snuggling

- Fall Fashion! I LOVE brown, what better season is there to wear it!

It just always seems that summer comes and goes but it’s always so damned hot out I can’t enjoy it. And Winter… pssh, she’s a Bitch, someone get her a Midol. Who wants to stay inside all the time or go outside and face the numbing winds against your cheeks? Not this girl.

I get excited thinking about my favorite outfits, Jeans… some cute brown shoes/boots, and a thin long sleeve shirt with a scarf to dress it up. No Sweating… No burning… No freezing

I’m not a fan of Baseball, I can’t even say I watched one game this year. Probably the closest thing that came to it was watching “Money Ball”, what a great movie, but what I’m interested in is tailgating at college football games and watching my Steelers crush this season. I have never pretended to care about the Phillies, and from what I heard this year, they sucked anyway.

I really had to swallow my pride a few weeks ago when buying G’s 28th b-day present. You see, he is a … I can’t even say it… Raven’s Fan… YUCK. Which means our house is a little tense two days out of the football season when the Steelers and Ravens play. He has tried and tried to convert me but this girl is black and yellow… and when you mix purple with that it makes a poop brown so it just doesn’t mix. I love him though so my compromise is I will cheer for them when they don’t play the Steelers and with that said, I bought him two tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Ravens game on October 7th. KC is only a 3 hour drive and the game is at noon on a Sunday so we will drive down Saturday, explore the city, stay the night, watch the game, and head home after in time for work on Monday. I am a good wife… I can’t say that he would EVER go to a Steelers game…

Iowa State is only 30 mins away and we plan to hit a few tail gates and games this season, I CAN NOT WAIT! I really do miss all the times I partied at University of Delaware with friends and family. There are some great memories there and I didn’t even go to that University. I am just a fan of College Football and any school that will let me have some kegs and eggs in their parking lot is a Fan of mine. :)

Is anyone else as excited as I am about Autumn arriving??? What are you most looking forward to?

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