August 29, 2012

Where did my husband go!

I hate August! It always brings the season of farm shows here in the Mid West and with my husbands job he gets swept away never to be seen again until after the shows are broken down.

This week is the National Farm Progress show in Boone, Iowa. People from all over the country come to view machinery and watch all the demos provided by the farm equipment corporations. Usually when these occur I go about a week with out him, this time there was a week of set up and them a week for the show itself. He would leave at 7am an not return until 10/11pm :( it even went through this past weekend which completely cut out our time.

This week I am thankful that I will be leaving as well while this is all going on. Did I mention my best friend is getting married!!! Wahoo! I am headed to Ithaca,NY for a few days of wedding prep and some quality time with the BFF before she ties the knot.

It's going to be such a lovely weekend with great people and beautiful surroundings in upstate NY. I will miss G but am really looking forward to this day.

Can't wait to post photos!

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