August 21, 2012

Don’t skimp on good tape

I learned my lesson this weekend when repainting the trim in our mud room.


I wish I were the type of person that could let little nicks in edging go un-noticed but I can not. It makes it look unfinished and even though it’s tiny if you have this go all the way around the room like it did for me a little thing can become a big thing.

My project was to repaint the trim in the entire mud room, if you read my rant last week about “Why would they do that” meaning, why would the previous owners paint the trim the same color as the wall, then you would know my frustration with this room.

IMG_1277 IMG_1279 IMG_1278

To save money I bought masking tape to tape the edges of the room. It seemed like the same stickiness to me and pulled off without being too sticky. But after all the time taping I was left with an entire room of blotchy paint edges due to the paint leaking under the tape.

HOW FRUSTRATING! It’s even more frustrating when you have a husband even pickier then you that will point out every little spot.

Instead of re-taping and touching up I bought a little thing I like to call “Magic”.

This isn’t the exact one I purchased but close enough. It had two refill pads and cost $2.98. With a steady hand it will do wonders to paint perfect edges or clean up those blotchy messes created by taping.

                               {Before}                                                             {After}


The great thing is you only have to hit the spots that NEED touched up without having to paint everything else.


Cutting in all the edges was super easy as well and actually made this quite fun. Bye Bye Fugly!


Almost there!

IMG_1329 IMG_1331






I will probably paint this door white as well to go with the other three doors to this mudroom but the white trim looks much better breaking up the trim from the wall color and wood floors.





G still REALLY hated the periwinkle on the surrounding three walls and would like to eventually paint the rest of them khaki as well but I kind of like the off set walls. I would always love to create a little place for shoes to go under the coat & hat rack. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest but it will take a little time. For now I am just glad to have this room completed.

Now if I could only have the mental strength to tackle the guest bathrooms sponge mania…



along with the master bath….


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