June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up – Making Time

Lately {G} has been swamped with work and also has the pleasure of hosting New Holland’s tent at this years “National Hay Expo” show here in Boone, Iowa. Each year the show moves to a different site and luckily for {G} he happened to moved to Iowa during the year they host it. Poor guy is stressed to the max.

Before marriage I use to think that couples must make time to be away from each other since they are probably always together. In my case I have to make time to be with my husband due to his job. I learned awhile ago while we were just dating that if I didn’t go with him on jobs that I wouldn’t see him .

He would say, “I’m just going to the farm until 11am, I’ll be back for lunch.” So I would stay behind, sleep in, catch up on work of my own. 11am would turn into 1pm… 1pm would turn into 3pm… and 3pm would turn into 7pm. I was already floored by 3pm so imagine how I felt by 7pm!

We learn and adjust as we go through life so when this weekend came and {G} told me he had to go to work to move equipment from site A to site B I said, “I’ll go with you.” He and 2 other guys moved equipment from the east side of Ames to Boone which is a good 14 miles (15 mins) drive. However, in a tractor is a whopping 50 minute drive at 18mph in a 65mph speed zone!


I drove behind the guys in the truck with my 4-ways on to get traffic over a bit faster then what they usually will do. I was going so slow I think I could actually see the corn growing! We got to point A at 10:30 to get the tractors fueled up and ready and took two trips trips, all together 6 pieces of equipment. {G} and I finally got home at 5:30pm….

See what I mean by making time? I would’ve been sitting at home for 9 hours alone like I already do during the work week. What would you do to make time for the special people in your life?

The weekend wasn’t a total bust though, stop by tomorrow and see our kitchen transformation –How to turn ugly laminate countertops into beautiful faux granite!

I also found my most favorite gardening gloves in the entire world! I have been searching far and wide… Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart…. for “my” gloves and no one carries them. That is until I stopped by “May’s Garden Center” and found them. Yes, I could’ve bought them online but I bought my pair 2.5 years ago so the brand name wore off. If you want a glove that is light, thin, and fits perfect to your hands with complete grip then you need to buy the Atlas Nitrile Touch 370 S! They come in multiple colors and come in Small, Medium, and Large and cover all the way up your wrist to cover bracelets and watches.  Also, they only cost $6.99! I SWEAR by them so if you need a good gardening glove try them out!

IMG_0950 IMG_0951

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I am in count down mode, two weeks exactly until my parents and my sister Katie come to visit for a week!

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  1. You are such a good wife!!!! George is a lucky guy to be married to you.


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