June 19, 2012

Resurfacing UGLY Yellow Laminate Countertops

This past weekend went by in the blink of an eye just like every other weekend since we have been in the new house. After last weekends meltdowns I had enough of doing any other Reno’s outside. To my AMAZE I received a text from my husband asking, “Do you want to work on the kitchen countertop this weekend?” My reply; “YESSSSSS!” I mean seriously… look at what I have been living with: Warning: you may experience a moment of time relapse in which you are taking back to a time where hideous kitchens were all the rage.

IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0939 IMG_0941

My husband doesn’t really understand the blogging community and why I follow certain people that I don’t even know. I had told him about a few blogs I came across that had used a product that Rustoleum puts out called Countertop Transformations. A “three part” system that transforms old laminate countertops into beautiful faux granite/quartz. After going to Lowes and showing him the product he gave the go… I mean what is there to think about it needs done.

Like most couples our age we are not in the position to shell out thousands on the real deal. we just bought this house which was more then we were spending in South Dakota due to lower cost of living, we still need to buy a tractor, and we need to start buying livestock or else our home owners insurance will change from farm to residence. That’s why when I started reading others post about this product I knew it would be a hit! We had a kitchen company give us an estimate and for the countertop alone it was $4,900.00! We don’t have that kind of money! So it really took less urging to spend $250.00 on this product after looking at other options.

Four Thousand nine hundred dollars….. or ….. two hundred and fifty dollars ????

Note* I put “parenthesis” around the steps because there are more then 3 steps unlike what the product says. Applying takes 3 steps, prepping adds additional steps.

  • Pre- Step “One": Prep the kitchen counters
  • You will want to remove all items off the counter and set aside
  • Tape around back splash and cabinets
  • Next you need to wipe down the counter with a clean rag
  • After it is dry you take the diamond imbedded sanding tool and rough up the surface taking the shine off the laminate.
  • Once done sanding you need to vacuum dust from counter top and wipe clean again and let dry.

Now you are ready for step “ONE”:

Using a brush and 6 in roller put a thick even layer of the adhesive paint. Before you start to need to prep for step “two” prior to painting. You must work fast or else this starts to dry. Once the surface is completely covered spray on the “wetting agent” provided to keep adhesive paint wet for step two.

*even after just putting the adhesive paint on {G} and I were thrilled that the yellow was GONE! Even without the next two steps it was looking better then before.

IMG_0944 IMG_0942


Step “Two”:

Using the color chip dispenser cover counter evenly as possible covering entire surface, sides, and back splash.Decorative Chip Dispenser

* This step was a mess! Be prepared to vacuum up excess chips from floor, drop clothes, and hair once completed. :)

IMG_0946 IMG_0949

After the chips are dispersed you need to wait at least 12 hours before removing lose chips.

Pre-Step Three:

Once 12 hours have passed vacuum up lose chips and use the decorative chip scraper to scrap lose chips from surface.

Decorative Chip Scraper

Then use the diamond hand sander once again to sand down chips to a smooth surface.

IMG_0955 IMG_0956

* This part was a challenge. One we vacuumed the lose chips from the surface we saw there were spots that had dried from step one that did not catch the chips. To fix this you had to go back and add adhesive paint to those areas, sprinkle chips on, and wait dry for 4 more hours before you can sand. You must make sure the counter is completely removed of all dust and dirt before step Three. (More vacuuming)

Step “Three” The finale’

Mix the base top coat with the activator for two minutes and then applying using a 6 in roller and paint brush. You can tell the difference in the picture below. The right side is the top coat the left side is not.


Let it cure!

The directions say you must wait 48 hours before putting “light” items on the counter. Then wait a full week before using like normal. I am one that usually does not have patience, However, for this project I would rather wait a week to put the coffee maker and other items back on the counter then to ruin the counter after all our hard work!

… Not considering what I just said …. I did NOT have the patience to leave the tape up so I scored it using a knife and took it off. :) I did not damage the counter by doing this.

Here is the final product after 12 hours so far! I can’t wait for our next project which is painting the cabinet doors using another Rustoleum product called: Rustoleum Countertop Paint. This product cost $20.00 and is tintable up to 16 colors. We decided this would be perfect for the cabinet doors since it is flat and to pay more for the countertop transformations to make it more defined.

Remember… BEFORE:





We really are satisfied with the outcome of the countertop reno. If you have any questions about our kitchen countertop transformation please comment, I would be happy to answer them for you!


  1. Last week, I gave you a preview of Rust-Oleum's new Cabinet Transformations, an easy, affordable product which beautifully and durably refinishes cabinetry and furniture. I tested it out myself on a recent trip to New Orleans, and I'm convinced it's the greatest thing since sliced bread for those who are looking to affordably update kitchens quartz countertops

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