June 15, 2012

Seasons Greetings! Garage Sale Season is in Full Swing!

One of my favorite parts of the summer season is of course garage sales! They are EVERYWHERE you turn! A boy goes to a farm auction… a girl goes thifting and garage sale hunting! Earlier this week I was rummaging through the local… Craigslist….. when I came across a garage sale in Ames. They listed lots of the items for sale but what really caught my eye read, “Wedding Barn Decor”. My BFF’s wedding is coming up in September and the shower is coming up next month so I thought what is there to lose? An added bonus was that the sale was a dual between two neighbors so I got 2 chances to find secret treasures.

At the first garage I didn’t seem to find much to my taste, lots of old Barbie dolls and men’s clothing. I walked into a side room of the garage and a red box caught my eye. It was an old small suitcase. I kept trying to open it by pushing the latch in but nothing so I figured it was locked and that they had lost the key. I put it down but there was just something about it so I decided what the heck, it is super cute and can be a neat little house item for decor and storage, once I pry the top open, plus it was only a dollar! As I went up to the cashier the little old lady said, “Isn’t that the cutest thing!”. Next thing I know she pops it open to see if there is anything inside! I say to her, “Hey! how did you get it to open!” She starts laughing and pats me on the back saying, “oh your so young, back during these times the latches get pushed sideways to open.” I felt like such a dummy but I was happy it could open on its own! I just need to sew a new liner for it and wipe it down, then it will be complete!

IMG_0935 IMG_0936

After the first house I walked over to the next hoping to find the wedding decor and sure enough I did! Too bad I was a minute late because a little old lady two steps ahead got to the mason jars first. You win this time but next time I’m taking you out. ;) Luckily for her I found lots of awesome items at this house!

First was a large painting that will go perfect on the empty wall in the dining room. We have a smaller one with cows on the adjacent wall so I had to get this and it was only $10!


The next two things I found were two metal crosses (one in the picture) that were marked .50 cents for the pair! I just stopped at the hobby lobby earlier and they are $8 bucks there! I had to get them. Then I found this cute little chicken wire basket marked at $2 dollars! SWWWEEETTTT!

                IMG_0932 IMG_0934

The final thing I found was a bag of bag filled with burlap table runners (from their wedding)! I was thrilled to find this item. The entire bag was only $5 and each runner already had a brown ribbon sewn down the center. My friends wedding is a naturist theme with brown as a main color! This was perfect so I got them! when I told her my find she was super happy!

IMG_0928 IMG_0927

Overall, I only spent $18.50 and my biggest purchase was the picture in the frame. I was really happy I decide to venture out and go garage hoping.

What great finds have you discovered in this years garage sale season?

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