June 20, 2012

Wanted: Seeking married couples for friendship

Note: this is not a swingers add… we’re not interested.

I don’t know about all of you but I find it INCREDIBLY hard to make friends at this age (26). I’m not in my early 20’s hitting the bars as a single girl any more & I certainly do not have any kids (besides my furry 2 year old).

This seems to be quite the predicament so I am seeking comments from others who may be in the same position or have been in the same position as myself.

Here is what seems to be the issue that other couples that have moved seem to overcome:

- There are couples that are married and are our age but only one of the spouses moved at marriage which leaves the other spouses friends and family around to fill the void and help to make new friendships.

- They live/moved to an area that they went to college around so they still have friends in the area

- They live in a more metropolitan community which allows for more opportunities to get involved with hobby groups to meet people.

- They have kids! Let’s face it, kids are what adults can use as a conversation opener and friendship builder… Really your “play date” is mommy’s way of having communication with other mommy’s instead of being locked up inside all day. Not saying you don’t need it… I’m just jealous, can I borrow your kid?

I’m not at the point yet where I have hit a low of needing to make a friend or two. I’ve been in the house for a little over a month now but I am a social person, I need interactions with real people, not my dog that holds a one way conversation.

What we have tried already:

Church: Seemed to be a place that we could start to meet people in the community and it has been but those people are 40-80 years old or they are in their early thirties with 1-3 kids already. We have nothing in common with them.

Calling all young couples not having babies… why are you not going to church? Where are you?

Work: I work from home so scratch that playing field. My husband does have a colleague that was married around the same time with out kids but they live an hour away…. bummer. Other then that he works in a job field where the average age is 36-64.

News paper: No, I haven’t yet put an add in the paper seeking friends but it had crossed my mind. Really what I am looking for our groups; gardening clubs, bike/running clubs, cooking clubs, book clubs but it seems that again… all the clubs I’ve found in my community are; the lions club, the red hat society, woman of the Methodist Church club… they are for retirees not twenty six year olds.

What is a girl to do?

I don’t feel that I should have to rush into motherhood because I want to make a few friends. {G} is way to busy with work right now and all that having a baby would only serve more work for myself around the house while still only having my hubby home in the evenings. We’re still not ready and want to enjoy what’s let of our youth. So maybe it’s us… maybe we are too picky.


We are seeking young couples who enjoy outdoor sports such as kayaking, boating, and fishing. For my husbands sake, people with an agricultural background so he has something to talk about, and yes… people with out kids right now. We will occasionally hit up a bar but would rather have a cookout and a bonfire with some beers. We live in the country so friends may have to commute.

Gosh, I just laugh writing that. We are too picky but who isn’t when dealing with people you WANT to be around. If anyone has any suggestions I am seriously open to hearing every last one of them.

Help a Blogger Friend out. :)

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