June 21, 2012

Crafting Spaces … Pretty vs. Practical

How many of you are obsessed with Pinterest? Me Me Me! I love going on Pinterest at least twice a day whether on my phone or on the actual site. There are so many wonderful ideas out there that get these creative juices going.

However, in order to be able to create you need to have your own space or else things end up all over the kitchen table and countertops. Another thing I love about Pinterest is not only does it give projects for me to go elbow deep into it always shows photos of “Dream” home decor.

Here’s where I scratch my head. Picture of these craft rooms make me oober jealous but are they practical?

Maybe the answer to my question is, “Yes, they are pretty and practical”. My fear is getting them dirty! When I craft I have paper scraps everywhere, glue on the table, fabric scattered, cartridges for my cricut lined up…. it certainly is far from what these rooms are above.

Since moving to the new house I have gotten a craft room of my own. On the unfinished side of the basement sat an old built in tool table that I called Dibs on! {G} has an entire shop in the farm building for his boy stuff so I needed this space.

Believe me it is far from looking real pretty but I hope that over time I can do some painting and organizing to bring it up to 2012-2013. I am so excited to have it and use it almost everyday!

I love that the craft bench is red!


Not the Prettiest room but it is certainly practical!


The sewing side to my craft table… I actually got the sewing machine working!



Organized some of my crafting tools


My plastic craft bins under the bench


Reused cans that I spray painted blue


Built in drawers to keep supplies off the bench


My Cricut machine out of the box and dusted off!


Knitting bag, photo boxes, and other crafting supplies

Some day I will get around to beautifying my craft space but for now I’m just thrilled that I have it! Here is one of my first projects I completed in my space, of course from Pinterest! Pictures transferred to canvas art!


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