June 1, 2012

Good Morning June

Well Hello There Mr.. Friday and Ms. June, you came super fast this week. {Not complaining!} Have any of you ever participated in a photo a day for a month ? This girl here, has not and while reading my morning newspaper {Facebook} I came across Sew Dang Cute’s facebook page that was asking for participants. I read the list and thought it would be super fun to try as well (At least for 1 month).

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June is a great month to capture fun and exciting things as well so I’m excited. Some of these days seem a little tricky. You can follow me along here as I post my daily photos or you can follow on instagram @simplyadapting

If you decide to play along I would love to see your daily photos! Just comment to le me know your instagram handle and I’ll follow back.

{Day One – Morning}

I call this one… Jo Pool

Is anyone wondering how it is I am sitting by a pool? Last time I check the new Iowa house did not have one. That’s right people I am back east at my parent’s place in Wilmington, DE! I came back for a very important event that I will disclose to you later but for now I can say it’s been a breath of fresh air suburbia air getting to see family and to drive around to see what has changed.

The Wilmington area has definitely left me back on my heels because so much as changed with old lots bulldozed down and new buildings going up. I point them out to my family and they say, “oh yeah… that right, it is new”. Well, Doy it wasn’t there in December last time I looked.

It’s weird to explain but for those of you out there reading that have moved away you will hopefully understand. The first year I moved away it was hard because I was am so close to my family. Now that I have been away and established this new and NEWER routine it’s weird to adjust to being home. I don’t miss it as much… at least everything but my family and friends. I don’t miss the traffic, or the dirty people walking around in sweatpants and wife beaters in the grocery store (unsanitary), I don’t miss the graffiti on EVERYTHING, I don’t miss the rude people, I don’t miss the overcrowding.

I do miss – the familiarity of EVERYTHING. Knowing which bars have which specials for happy hour, knowing every back and side street that will get me around the traffic and where I want to go, running into at least one person I know in any store I go into, knowing who people are talking about when in conversation, ordering a yuengling  and the bar tender saying ok (because they actually carry it), going to a “Deli” to actually get lunch meat for the week… I could go on.

That’s what is hard… coming back and knowing all of this and remembering that when I get back to my new home I need to start all over. It can be an exciting time to start a new adventure but sometimes I just want the familiar.

Tonight I get to see my BFF, another familiar and constant person in my life and I can not wait to see what the night brings.

Have a good weekend everyone and Happy June!

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