May 30, 2012

Holy moly where have I been!

Hello all- this weekend flew by, I can't believe I haven't posted since last Thursday! I even messed up the week days thinking today was Tuesday so I missed my tips days that I was so anxious for, I guess next week will have to do.

I hope everyone's Memorial Day was a fun one. I spent the weekend with G as a slave painting a barn on the new property. Seriously my body still aches from scraping, rolling, and brushing this building but it did turn out lovely.

On Sunday we did our second day of church and it was fantastic. This time even more people were grabbing us left and right to find out who we were and to hear our "long winded" story of how we moved from south Dakota but originally are from back east and Yada yada yada. We went downstairs for fellowship and met some more couples, of course more grandmas and pop pops then people our age. It was nice to have conversations with the community and hear others stories as well.

I begged G to go kayaking Monday morning since we had worked our tushies off sat and sun. There is a park called Don Williams that is 5 miles east that has a no wake lake which is perfect for our recreational activities and since I couldn't feel my arms anyway why pass a lovely day on the lake. We spent a good hour out before most the boats go in the water an it was beautiful weather.

Later that day we drove an hour north east to see an old college friend of mine who was having a get together. Poor G was the only guy but he held his own so I am proud. Winston came with us and played with my friend dog, he was passed out 5 mins into the car ride home. He just turned two on Sunday so it was a nice little play date for him.

That was my weekend! Enjoy these photos from the past few days.

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