June 13, 2012

Post Hiatus – Trying to stay alive during our Remod

Wow, I can not believe how long it has taken me to post since my last time! I have had serious blog neglect but I am here and coming back with full force!

To catch you all up to speed on what’s been going on, June 2nd we celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday! What a success! She was completely surprised and touch by all of her friends who came to the celebration… and was also a little embarrassed by the invitations that I sent out. (shutterfly.com)

moms 60th.bmp

Isn’t she Gorgeous! She would probably yell at me for putting this on my blog but she’ll have to get over it since she was the one bless with being 5’9 and perfect and giving birth to a 5’2” child. Tisk tisk.

We have officially been moved into the house a full month now! Which means the other half of my time, mainly weekends in the 90 degree sun, has been spent repairing or giving facelifts to the property buildings. I told {G} that this weekend he had “mush brain” because he certainly was not thinking clear. First, we painted the final side to the Quonset building which entailed climbing ladders 25ft up, holding a paint tray in one hand with a roller in the other. Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad if he remembered who he had married… the girl who HATES heights. I love my husband and knew that this would make him happy to complete this project so I climbed that damned ladder and cursed the 30MPH winds that joined us that day.

IMG_0910IMG_0911 It was a little too high for me… but its done and looks better then ever!

That wasn’t even the worst of it though. The Morton building doors (Old riding arena) were damaged in the storm before we moved in. The right door was completely bent in by the wind.

IMG_0914 Yes, wind did this…

Over the past month since the left door cannot latch due to the right door being damaged the building has accrued more damage. Now the left door is damaged and hanging by a thread (a hinge) {G} decides, enough is enough and that, “If you want to get something done you better do it yourself”. He has called the contractor weeks ago and still nothing. At this point I decide to go take my shower, I’ve had enough for the day.

Sure enough after my shower I look out the window and see {G} with is F350 backed up to the barely hanging there 30ft door with a steel ladder perched on top of the truck bed. Oh Shit, is all I am thinking so I jump on the 4 wheeler (yes I am dressed by now) and drive out to him. He tells me he is going to climb the ladder and cut the hinge holding the door on with a saws-all. There is no stopping him so I hold the ladder (like my body weight would do a thing being up against Iowa winds and a HUGE steel door).

The next thing I know I hear { G }saying “oh crap” and when I look up I see the door pushing outward with the ladder and my husband holding on for dear life. What the hell did he think was going to happen? It was going to wait for him to get down? He yells at me to get in the truck and start it while leaving it in neutral. As soon as the wind would stop he would jump down, run into the truck and pull away before the door could fall. It felt like eternity holding him up on this ladder but by the grace of god the wind slowed and we both jumped out of the way. {G} pulled the truck away and immediately the ladder crashed to the ground. The door stood there for all of about 30 seconds so I ran over and pulled the ladder out of the way before the huge crash of the door came down. Do you now see what I mean by “mush brain”… no common sense. But I’m sure all of you that are married know what {G}’s reaction was after this mess…. that’s right, a grin of success. A grin stating that he had won and the door had lost. Forget almost dying… you won sweetheart… and if you ever do it again you won’t have to be up on truck bed with a ladder against a hanging door in winds that are 30+mph to see the wrath of god… it will be right here on the ground in the person who is 5’2” whom you married and promised a life with. Damn Men and their egos.

IMG_0915 Door cut down… You can see it ruined the track on the upper left


So, if you have been wondering where I have been the answer is… Trying to keep my husband alive as we attempt to bring this farm acreage to life again…

Here are some photos of the farm on a beautiful Iowa day:

IMG_0903 IMG_0905



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