May 15, 2012

Tips for Tuesday – Make it yours!

Yesterday I put of some photos of the home from before we moved in and today I’m going to show you how we made it our own! It’s hard to believe we have only lived here 4 days so far and have gotten so much done. There is still a lot to do like hanging shelves and pictures in various rooms but for the most part the “Big” stuff it done.

When I originally moved to the Midwest I moved into a house that {G} had been living in for over a year so it was really hard to make it feel like it was my house. He still had all his bachelor crap items up around the house and was very reluctant to change so I left it be. Now with us coming into a new home together we discussed where to put things and it feels more like “Ours” then “His”. I love this house.

Entrance Way (foyer)


Finally Wedding photos displayed! Can you believe we didn’t have one in the Mitchell house?


We love having this book shelf to actually store Books… We used to just keep them in boxes hidden in the basement because we had no where else to put them.


Living room – I love the large bay Window to the right and of course the HUGE window facing east looking out to all the beautiful fields. Lots of natural light.


Living/Dinning room


That 70’s Kitchen :) We have the cabinet company coming out Monday to take measurements, good news, we only have to replace the cabinet/drawer fronts and not the entire kitchen! I actually love the flow. and YES we are going to get a new counter top as well. :)



Guest room – We need to hang the shelves and decorate more. I also hate that I told them to put the bed in front of the window… that is going to have to change.


The office – After talking a lot about our office dilemma we decided to share the office. I use it during the day when {G} is gone and when he is home at night he can use it. We are going to paint it a neutral color and leave all the New Holland stuff up.


Master SWEET Suite – No really it is SWEET, HUGMONGO, Large and In charge! I love love love this room. We have a large closet for my stuff, my dresser, a closet for him, his two dressers, a chair, a loveseat, and a bed and still have room!!!



We need to upgrade our full bed to a queen, it looks so tiny!


Entrance 2 – Breezeway from the Garage, driveway, and to the back patio


Basement – Okay I did say there is still work to do! The basement is in shambles right now so bare with me. :)

Left side (Finished side)



Basement – Right side (Storage and my craft area)



We have lots of ideas for the house, such as repainting the family room and the finished side of the basement, the kitchen (Obviously) and the office, but so far for living just four days in our home we have done a good job of adjusting.


I would say for anyone moving to a new home that you should get to work unpacking right away. Don’t put it off for too long or else you will never make time for it. Then you are left with boxes sitting around rooms that just remind you that you need to unpack them. {G} and I worked really hard over the past few days to get these items done but at the end of the day we sat around our new fire pit, burned some crap we found around the farm, and drank a beer.

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  1. Looks great! Love the entry way #2!!! And I SOOOO wish I had a big master bedroom!


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